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posted : 2007.Dec.24 @ 9.14pm

Z, this is quite an aesthetic experience.

Thank you

posted : 2008.Jan.13 @ 11.17pm

Z remixed ~

posted : 2008.Jan.14 @ 10.01pm

Z remixed ~

posted : 2008.Jan.15 @ 12.45pm
i love the first one with the pinks and yellows and aquas... nice one! keep pushing it further... bless...

posted : 2008.Jan.15 @ 7.40pm
excellent form dear friends excellent form. Shocked

posted : 2008.Jan.15 @ 11.11pm

agape - This last image was developed using the same file that you worked from. Exclamation
I like your remixes. As far as pushing them farther, check out this guy's technique!
The slideshow documents a painting by Satoshi Sakamoto over the course of a year!

posted : 2008.Jan.16 @ 7.24pm
Bom Ziggity!
Your fractalalia lends quite well to the construction of alien landscapes.

This yellowy-black bee consciousness that you have just unleashed intimidates me,
so naturally I want to get to know it... Wink
Maybe you should send me a larger version of this totem! Smile

~ ~

So I see this recurring pattern in your work over the course of this thread.
Pockets of order emerge out of disorder, and seemingly vice versa.
The totem piece would look sweet in an environment with other totems.

Wanna set a stage with many totemic players!?

~ ~

Satoshi Sakamoto's art is so rad!
I bought a poster for Nemo's Utopia not long ago and it reflects UV really well.
The layering of geometric relationships and the gradual rise and fall of chromatic intensity seems to be able to chronologically transform a 2D piece of art into 3D.
It is a great idea to capture the progression of a painting.
Time is an object!

posted : 2008.Feb.03 @ 3.10pm
Agape - in response to "...recurring pattern in your work...Pockets of order emerge out of disorder,
and seemingly vice versa."
It is not unlike the breath or heartbeat of the universe don't you think? For any given moment,
somewhere a star is is exploding while somewhere else a cloud of gas and dust is condensing
to give birth to a new star. Similarly, civilizations come and go, feeding and building and patterning
themselves on the dust of the old, until they too reach some point of "critical mass" and collapse,
leaving the building blocks for future civilizations. Our physical lives blink in and out of this thing we call Time.
The precious moments we have here are spent seeking pockets of comfort and stability and clinging to
fleeting moments of beauty, yet the resilience of our nature gifts us the ability to grow and adapt through
the unsettling pockets of change and adversity. A lot of my art "channels" this idea, stepping outside of Time
to take a snapshot of all this wonderful sillyness grants a contextual perspective that regardless of the situation,
Life will find a way. I prefer to let my images speak for themselves in their own language, as I find words to be
culturally limited packaging that only serve to obfuscate when describing the simplest of ideas.
The vision is for everyone. - Z.

13 totems: echoes of the spirit, monument to nothing

posted : 2008.Feb.17 @ 10.19am
a couple more ideas happened to visit me recently...

posted : 2008.Feb.17 @ 6.42pm
Those are some highly charged compounds! ₪
Really nice work man.
So electric.

Androcell - Sacred Crystalline Goddess

posted : 2008.Feb.19 @ 4.41pm
Thanks Agape!

I remember seeing that androcell image posted or linked to somewhere
in one of the pod forums a while back. Quasga posted/created the image.
I like. Nice crispy detail.

I've encountered difficulty preserving detail in a number of my recent images
when reducing the size for posting here. Not sure if it is my graphics card frying,
my eyes, or if I am just demanding too much from the screen resolution.
I may just have to start posting them larger!

posted : 2008.Feb.19 @ 6.38pm
Z', that one from feb 17, 10:19am is siiiick!!! one thing you guys could do that would greatly increase the dimensionality of your fractally explorations is start punching interestingly shaped holes through them to reveal the vast sky-like spaces that they are inhabiting. This would instantly add a whole new level to the ness... I use this technique a lot and it always yeilds favorable results...

posted : 2008.Feb.20 @ 6.57pm
Oh my GAWD!




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