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posted : 2007.Apr.29 @ 10.34am
on occasion a pattern is revealed

posted : 2007.May.25 @ 10.09pm

posted : 2007.May.26 @ 5.53am
That April 29th pattern is killar! Way to go bro!

posted : 2007.Jun.05 @ 7.29pm

posted : 2007.Jun.24 @ 8.50pm
here's another page from the pandimensional metaprogrammer's instruction manual...

perceiving simultaneous chains of events

posted : 2007.Aug.12 @ 11.14am
the particular structure within any given moment...

posted : 2007.Sep.02 @ 4.48pm
pieces from the nexus series

posted : 2007.Sep.03 @ 10.56pm
latest from the astral travel agency...

posted : 2007.Oct.02 @ 9.16pm
In the previous set of images, if you can visualize them as defining the space in between spheres,
then this next piece should fit right in. HA!

the spheres

and here are a couple of new pieces going in a different direction...

atlantis transcendant

neo-columbian space...

posted : 2007.Oct.08 @ 4.34pm
touching empyrean

posted : 2007.Oct.22 @ 8.24pm
Itzam Ná

posted : 2007.Nov.06 @ 4.34pm
here's another interdimensional/intergalactic road map of sorts...


posted : 2007.Dec.23 @ 10.24pm


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