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posted : 2005.Dec.18 @ 12.10am

posted : 2006.Jan.12 @ 10.18pm

posted : 2006.Jan.17 @ 7.20am
the galactikly instituted Navport-
hook me up with one of those!

especially if that version with Xtra 4 dimensions will allow
me to listen to the purple frog's mating calls
on that little wrinkley planet in the Orion nebula.

Though no batteries are required-
it runs on quantum vibrations.


posted : 2006.Jan.31 @ 8.40pm

posted : 2006.Feb.22 @ 8.57pm

posted : 2006.Feb.22 @ 9.13pm
podular intellegence
woven with skill and care
transmitting the flow, this thread
is alive with infinite possiblity and digital love
many deep bows for sharing this ness with your cellular kin

posted : 2006.Mar.04 @ 8.44pm
air, - word. Also, your work in the tutorials is most excellent and it inspired a jam session this week. Very Happy


posted : 2006.Mar.04 @ 8.49pm
wow these are amazingly beautiful. i would love to have a necklace of either of those. Very Happy

posted : 2006.Mar.04 @ 8.55pm
Hey, becky Thanks, but for now it's only digital jewelry! Crying or Very sad

posted : 2006.Apr.30 @ 7.12pm
can you hear me now?
(or: being a telepath would really suck.)

posted : 2006.Apr.30 @ 11.26pm
thanks Z for this
homage to america's most popular altar
upon which people sacrifice their brains.

PS - those transformations pieces are phatt!

posted : 2006.May.13 @ 8.30pm
Yeah, the last piece was was created out of a little angst, made to bust out of a creative block.
I've been finding it difficult to focus my flow with all that yakkin'. Coming back to it though -

from many, one?

can pure idea truly be communicated and shared?
although a body of individuals may centralize around a core concept,
it is individual experience that filters and processes the image.
the art of conveyance can manipulate objectivity,
but it cannot completely remove it.
There will always be opinion.

posted : 2006.May.18 @ 7.54pm
defining "is"

Paths we travel through this tangled web of Life
some parallel - never meeting
some anomolous and eccentric
many intertwining
stopping Time briefly tangentially conjoined
celebrating the possibility
as we process
the moments
fleeting as a wisp of smoke
all the while drawing Energies from the Whole
indulging in the Self
particularity and individuality
in the end converging
returning all to Source
They are the same Paths that have been used throughout the ages.
indelible and eternal
They are the same Paths that will be used long after we have passed.
predestined to share.

- Z.


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