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posted : 2004.Nov.15 @ 12.07pm
I love the tea Air. You made me go make some!

Morning walk with leneb.

posted : 2004.Nov.15 @ 2.02pm
Sean, I love how the bird seed sign and the wire that it is hung by come shooting out at you. That is a perfect shot. Makes me miss the Santos walk with you and seeing, Bob and Tijuana Tilly. The rainbow is stunning. A rare sight in San Diego! Amazing that you were able to catch that, especially while driving.
Fog, now there is a great use of that lens. It shows Earth just as it is. Wonderful!
I have to say that Aaron's Photo of the tea had the opposite effect on me. Wink

posted : 2004.Nov.15 @ 5.09pm
Just as you declared tea to be ready, I interpreted it literally, looking over my desk to discover a cup of green tea at the perfect temperature for drinking.

Thanks for the tip- I might have let it grow cold. Very Happy

posted : 2004.Nov.23 @ 1.53pm
Here are random slides I just had converted to this NEW digital format I've been hearing so much about.

Brushing my teeth

Craola at work

boner to the 3rd power

Moby Dick

Know your roots

Hollywood 2000


East Coast Surfer 2004

Water Flesh Stone

Venice GangBanger

Dan - Hurricane 2004

D.C. 10/2001

posted : 2004.Nov.24 @ 6.05pm

posted : 2004.Nov.27 @ 7.07pm
Great stuff everybody! This one was inspired by the recent posts of Scotty and Foz.CheersCheers

posted : 2004.Nov.29 @ 8.04pm
Prenatal sock

posted : 2004.Dec.01 @ 11.19pm
Frost in Encinitas? It's been colder than normal this week.

posted : 2004.Dec.02 @ 12.13am
I wonder what those crystals look like under a microscope

posted : 2004.Dec.03 @ 1.18pm
My dog hates Mickey and cute little bunnies.

posted : 2004.Dec.05 @ 3.26pm

posted : 2004.Dec.17 @ 8.54am

posted : 2004.Dec.26 @ 3.21pm
Diggin' those first two, Mr. Melo.


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