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posted : 2009.Oct.13 @ 10.44am

Caught these two going at it on my fence, ran in and got the Canon 100mm Macro.



posted : 2009.Oct.13 @ 10.58am

More from the archives:


Craola, South Central, LA, 2001 


Niko, 2004  




Venice Beach, 2002 



Bayport, NY, 2008 



Camp Hero, Montauk, NY 2007  



posted : 2009.Oct.13 @ 5.43pm

wow i'm jaelous... so much sensitivity in those pic gfro


posted : 2009.Oct.14 @ 12.50pm

Erik, I love angel walking up the stairs, the illusion is perfect, or is it an illusion???


G, motherf**** Smile , you stole my shot, man. I had these 2 making sweet love like years ago!!! This is criminal, man...

posted : 2009.Oct.14 @ 1.06pm
Dman, Maybe this is their great-great-great-great grandflies.

posted : 2009.Oct.14 @ 1.07pm

Goodbye summer


posted : 2009.Oct.14 @ 1.09pm

My boy, Mason.



posted : 2009.Oct.14 @ 1.14pm

My trip to California in March 09.






posted : 2009.Oct.19 @ 12.10pm

posted : 2009.Oct.20 @ 6.51am

gfro, back with a vengeance!

That's a strong bunch of flicks.

posted : 2009.Oct.21 @ 3.24pm

G, dope stuff. I like your 100mm Macro loving. Was thinking of getting something in that range and no stupid zoom gimmick lens... Now thinking about it even more after seeing your photos! The rest o them is just as good... You are back, ma bratha... you are backkk... Smile


About these two great-grand-flies you are talking about... wait till I come back to visit and we'll talk about it Sad  like... you know... till the first blood!!! That's right, suckaaa!

posted : 2009.Oct.22 @ 10.33am
Thanks dwellers. I'm back and have the creative itch. Expect a lot more posts from me.

posted : 2009.Nov.19 @ 10.36am

I snapped this first shot this morning and then recalled that I had more food shots.










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