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posted : 2009.Jan.13 @ 9.04pm

the inner workings of my new - passed down watch






posted : 2009.Jan.16 @ 8.05am

Beautiful piece.

Solid photos.

Good post.


posted : 2009.Feb.05 @ 12.00am

thanks Air.


posted : 2009.Mar.14 @ 12.43am

A couple mornings ago I was burning a DVD, and right when it ejected from my computer the sun was coming through the window behind my office desk and it reflected off the back of the DVD illuminating before my eyes this vibrant rainbow.


Aside from the black border, there was no post processing done to this image. (and yes, I know I have nano dust bunnies under my lens cover) 



posted : 2009.Mar.14 @ 9.26am

 Nice  one!  Definitely digging your Everydays, Erik. Super clear, great lights and darks, solid angles.

I usually tweak every pic I post a little bit but I wanted to join the no post processing crew so here goes.




posted : 2009.Mar.14 @ 4.01pm

Nice shot, Air.

In response to your eyegasm of natural lighting,

I will provide a snapshot of the inner widgets of a flying pod.







posted : 2009.Mar.30 @ 9.20pm



posted : 2009.Mar.31 @ 2.04am


posted : 2009.Apr.07 @ 3.05pm
I am liking the orange:ness of that truck, agape. It sparks early childhood tonka truck memories.

posted : 2009.Apr.07 @ 3.10pm

apparently human cranes can transport ness.

i'm skeptical...

posted : 2009.Oct.10 @ 2.00pm

Pocket watch photos are great.

Nice shots, guys...


Another day, coming home by train had a major flashback, nice one indeed... And suddenly "pigs on the wing" was playing in my head Smile

Later on I combined memories with a real shot...



posted : 2009.Oct.11 @ 11.51am

Bizarre shot d'man. reminds me of that movie, Brazil.

very surreal indeed.

posted : 2009.Oct.12 @ 4.32pm

Waking up to this was pretty sweet. 












some randoms from the Cochran Museum.



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