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index « optical « Heavy Magic ..........visions of my mind in pixel

posted : 2005.Aug.06 @ 11.10am
Hello all pod folk.
I'm pleased to be a part of this killer collection.
I like to work in allot of different artistic formats: computer, leather, silver, painting.
Here a few of my favorite visions in Pixel.

The Messenger

Dream Warrior


Star Spirit

Sling Shot

Midnight Creeper

So Many Roads

Sacred Future

Midnight Rising

posted : 2005.Aug.06 @ 11.45am
Sweet mother of...

Welcome to the Love, man.
We hope you enjoy your stay.

posted : 2005.Aug.06 @ 12.30pm
thanks so much Mumbai


I don't know where to begin, this place is so inspiring, it's like an "Electric Candy" Store,
my eye's haven't quite made their way back to their sockets, since I've been here.

"stunning" your work,so original.
love it.

posted : 2005.Aug.06 @ 12.58pm
KABLAAAM! Man you hit this Fora like a bomb....fantastic work. My eyes are smiling. Smile

posted : 2005.Aug.06 @ 1.17pm
thanks Scotty

I have most of these images in my house in Giclee on canvas, average size 40" x 50"
if you ever need a badass printer for canvas I've got the man in Northern Cal.
no one better.let me know

posted : 2005.Aug.06 @ 1.35pm
how magic dream sparkels
in worlds of shadows
bring light to the eyes
of all those passing by.

these visual treasures
embeded like crystals
in patterns of patterns
of life's vicious fire

are clearly reflecting deep
visual glimses
of subtler space
laying not far beyond.

right here now among us
they're whispering to us
if only we let them
bring gifts from the light.

Frog Buddha

posted : 2005.Aug.06 @ 2.33pm
just put this one together from an old piece I really loved.

posted : 2005.Aug.06 @ 3.08pm
here are pictures of actual canvases in my house.
the frames are a bit distorted from the camera lens.

canvas // 28" x 40"

canvas // 40" x 50"

the Printer I use and Highly recommend:

>> Skylark Images

be sure and tell them Will Cascio recommended them,they really are the best,
also ask them for there Photoshop "color profile"
you use that in PS when your creating your work so you are on "their Printer colors"
they have the color profile on their site for download.

posted : 2005.Aug.07 @ 2.46am
whoa, great entry to the fora! Midnight creeper is a great piece as is the first you posted. Cheers

posted : 2005.Aug.07 @ 9.30pm
much appreciated Mark.

after doing so many symetrical designs, it was interesting to do the Creeper image.
I felt it had a great rough oil painting feel.

looks killer on canvas.
I have it on my bedroom wall 22" x 51"


posted : 2005.Aug.07 @ 10.59pm
here is another

Stage 1

posted : 2005.Aug.09 @ 7.25am
Welcome, Will ~

Great thread! Nice podular immersion on all levels.
Glad you stopped in to share your creative goodness. Cheers

posted : 2005.Aug.09 @ 7.54am
Thanks Air
I feel lucky just to be a part of this collection of artists.

Your work is Off da PoDuLar ChizanG, I'm blown away by it.
and a nice body of work, looks like your having fun on the ride too.




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