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posted : 2006.Apr.21 @ 6.27am
Exclamation Let the Download begin Exclamation

Something has been ratcheted up lately... Suddenly Scooby-Doo's laugh comes to mind - eeheehehehe....

Twisted Evil

posted : 2006.Apr.22 @ 7.33pm

posted : 2006.Jul.06 @ 9.41pm

another download from the source
// wellsprings decoration

posted : 2006.Jul.07 @ 8.46am
wow that is beautiful!
awesome piece xavi!

posted : 2006.Jul.25 @ 8.05pm
zavi-licious phongressions... wa-aa!
pants down and full moon Very Happy to you guys - supa creative and straight to the masses work!!! Deep respect Deep respect Deep respect

posted : 2008.Feb.16 @ 4.56pm
it's been my great honour to sit down with phong
for about a total of 8 hours learning how to properly honour XAVI's symbols
through a hyper intentional vectorization process...

i had NO idea what a full celestial chanelling genius xavi was in the deeper sense
until i had this very special opportunity to get inside his consciousness
and feel the xavi ness in such an integrated, mathematical, geometric and spiritual way.

this is the first symbol of 10 before i will be sanctioned to do this work, totally unsupervised
at which time i will of course have to pass everything through xavi, rather than phong
before releasing it to the world

we started with a "caveman drawing" that xavi created of a froggy!

these rough sketches that xavi sometimes does
are quick renderings that intuitively hold high levels of dynamic harmony
the job is to find out what was the roughness of the sketch and what was intentional

<<< grid consciousness >>>

finding positive and negative space chunked into harmonious relative proportionism

<<< angular consciousness >>>

next we create our own lines to act as guides
and find the relative harmonies of the vertical / horizontal tech, and then the diagonal
angles are all either 30 or 45 degrees, and many diagonal lines make perfect connections left to right side

<<< chunk consciousness >>>

then we take our perfectly square chunks, make them into long rectangles and angle them appropriately
these are stretched across the length of each vertical, horizontal and then diagonal line
and finally these long chunks are all connected as one shape with the pathfinder.

<<< organic consciousness >>>

sharp edges are cleaned up with little chips out of the corners to create a first stage of roundness

then the piece is taken into photoshop, given a gaussian blur,
levelled out to make the roundness of the blur sharp and clean
and loved up with a nice stroke and some final wash tech

my honour to post the magic!

more to come

bows to xavi and phong for your META skills!

posted : 2008.Jul.20 @ 10.29pm
hi phong

here are some ideas of how your alien lexicon is linked with DNA, the dreamspell and the I Ching

posted : 2008.Aug.31 @ 9.13pm

I had a dream the other night, which revealed to me the symbol called 'perfect enlightenment.' It was a symbol which merged both a circle and a triangle, and had exactly the same pattern and volume of positive and negetive space. Here is my grasping at re-creating the symbol from the dream. It's not quite there yet...


symbol content

posted : 2008.Sep.01 @ 12.39am
Cool.  Reminds me of these beauties.

posted : 2008.Sep.01 @ 9.52am

the second one down on the far right speaks to me the most.

I have done some drawings and watercolors like this recently--will upload later.

posted : 2008.Sep.04 @ 8.33am

So I have actually had visions like this a lot too.  One of them that I have sought to translate into an accessible concept was an interplay between overarching modern branches of exploration--art, science and some mysterious third part to the triad.  In my last year at Evergreen I talked to the campus' art committee about a project.  The image was of a triadic interplay of three dissimilar fractal bodies traveling toward a centerpoint.  Each one becomes more and more like the other as they get closer to the center, and yet as one zooms in toward the centerpoint, each part of the triad offers something to the other two elements; something either unique or necessary for stable structure.  From that angle, the top middle model you have above is also attractive to me.


I was planning on creating the image on a 3-D fractal landscape, and mapping it out digitally and then projecting and painting with oil for artistic appeal.  I wanted it to be attractive to the artist, the scientist and the spiritual types, from different angles and for different reasons.  Toward the center the image would become holographic and maybe one could overlay multiple interaction models (like the ones you have posted above) over each other, zooming into the center.  They shift, they relax and move around seeking the ideal or at least an evolving triadic interaction.  Somehow the shaman's triangle is a circle!  I envisioned placing a magnifying glass next to the painting so that onlookers could inspect the fractal evolution toward the centerpeace.


The idea was to capture how each element has the potential to stabilize the other two, implying that spirituality, science, or whatever does not have a monopoly on the stabilizing role--the middle path road.  I find that science types are very attracted to precision in art and geometric interaction.  Artisty types long for more of a free-flowing, less defined image.  Maybe to make strong universal attractors, the shaman seeks to not totally reel in any particularly archetype.  The artist is drawn in to an extent, but then there are elements that challenge them, likewise with the scientist--in truth, it may be that this aspect of making universal attractors is inherent to forming intimate associations with disparate elements of reality, where each is seduced by attraction but also finds within themselves resistance to forming the union because it requires conformational shift; adaptation.  


Mysteriously, the union is formed/evolved by no individual in particular, and probably functions best if the three essential elements do not attempt to push for closure too rapidly.  This is akin to the evolution from identifying with the christlike saviour idea to a mysterious multiplayer evolution/advancement model.


I am travelling right now, with my junk widely distributed, but I would love to contribute more of the material that I gathered surrounding my ideas about this sort of image.  Actually, I have envisioned working on this project and letting it openly evolve on the fora, so maybe more people could get involved.  In Seattle, some of us podlings are forming a collective which should be active in the next month.


The constant reminder of the power to form further union is the amazing harmony of the body, where trillions of cells interact across time to stabilize an amazing superstructure.  We have such profound examples from which to imitate our peculiar interaction potentials.


Blessings to the flowdoms of future wisdom  ~

posted : 2008.Sep.05 @ 2.02am

hey thanks for the mind burst,

actually a lot of those thoughts go through my head while I work-

at time reading your message actually felt like

reading a transciption of my own thoughts.


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