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posted : 2005.Jul.22 @ 11.52pm

hieroglyphics of another world, perhaps?

posted : 2005.Jul.24 @ 1.22am
Jesk, that would make a gorgeous quilt.. too bad my sewing skills weren't all that great *ponders*

posted : 2005.Jul.29 @ 2.03am

organitech // interlocking : ness of higher mind

geo.quad00.gif // quadri:tech

posted : 2005.Aug.01 @ 3.16am

plant.DNA // living code

posted : 2005.Aug.02 @ 7.23am
Thank God I have a very tall screen! Very Happy
Beautiful, Phong... I think u r on a brink of creating NEW universal lingua ! Shocked

posted : 2005.Aug.24 @ 9.25am

posted : 2005.Sep.10 @ 2.31am

Galactic Star // harmonizing to beautify

posted : 2005.Sep.12 @ 7.04am
That is beauteous, phong.

... and, RESET.

posted : 2005.Sep.30 @ 12.23am

yellownious starasis // of the galactic variety

posted : 2005.Sep.30 @ 11.57am
yellow galactic star... that's good, very nice indeed.

posted : 2005.Oct.17 @ 5.31pm
An interesting property of Shipibo styled art is that it looks VERY similar to the Hilbert space filling curves. I guess I found it interesting because Hilbert spaces are used a great deal in quantum mechanics.

>> Check it out yourself!

posted : 2005.Oct.17 @ 8.55pm

geo.hibert // shipibo:tech

posted : 2005.Nov.04 @ 2.18am

collaboration consciousness // tribalicious organitech


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