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posted : 2005.Jul.07 @ 6.11pm

posted : 2005.Jul.08 @ 5.41am

XAVI Consciousness

posted : 2005.Jul.10 @ 6.38am

Alien Language // 101

posted : 2005.Jul.11 @ 1.53pm

let's play // a game

cosmic // treads

geo // tech

posted : 2005.Jul.11 @ 2.47pm
geo//tech = Cheers

i think alien language would work really well as a big poster.

posted : 2005.Jul.11 @ 5.53pm
Unable to decode,... is there a key?

Foggy Headed Fog.

posted : 2005.Jul.11 @ 8.08pm
it's just a flow,
there is no code-
a feeling's all it says.


posted : 2005.Jul.11 @ 11.57pm
Funny, I could read it right away -
poetry of cosmic dust in the gusts of galactic wind...
spun and spiraled in opposite directions
by g and anti-g forces of the Universe!


this is how i saw it...

posted : 2005.Jul.12 @ 9.30am

collaboration consciousness // phongcentric circles

As dman's mind spirals through time
his reflections I find
so sublime.


posted : 2005.Jul.12 @ 10.08am
that's HOT phong!

how about a tutorial Very Happy

i'd love to be able to drop some of these visions into my divine reflections...

posted : 2005.Jul.13 @ 10.04am
holy crap, becky! what a staircase...

phong, we spotted a building that speaks the alien language!

posted : 2005.Jul.14 @ 8.42am

alien family: 02 // phongcentric circles

geo.astro // alien english

posted : 2005.Jul.18 @ 3.01am

geo greeness // organi

galactivator // light being

working // in a matrix

transmitting download // to mind of man

man cognizing visions // of galactivation

galactivated man // with hat

geo orangess // organi


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