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posted : 2005.Jul.27 @ 1.03am
Hello, musical POD brothers and sisters!!! It comes from Lunar People!

Majority of people here know me from optical as "dmaniac". Lunar People is a musical project with me behind it. Like many of us here, I try to create my own vision of digital music. My tool is FruityLoops. I did try Reason and other software and though must admit, did appreciate quality of production, I could never create the kind of work flow, that would allow me to sketch, lay out and ultimately put together FULL piece... That until I tried FL and got addicted to simplicity of creative process.
I have a few full length albums... released of course, but for my friends only Rolling Eyes and I keep searching for my place in the world of universal sound scapes - breakbeats, ambient chill, trance, electronika... And while searching, I keep creating. AIR, my good friend and curator (he's got a well of ideas and knowledge, especially when it comes to Art and Music) asked me quite a few times if I were to p o s t my music and, well... i guess it must be that time...

I listened to quite a few good musicians here - Robot Collision, TL, Jamberi, Doctor J and feel that I may only benefit from their opinion! Embarassed


quick note: I don't mix my music - the idea of recording 2 or up to 3 tunes in one came to me once while i was listening to the ending of one of my songs and couldn't help but to humm something of what could be DJ mix... and it occured to me, that I might as well continue. It doesn't work every time and I only go this way if there is FLOW!!!

>> More Lunar People

posted : 2005.Jul.28 @ 9.04pm
This is a killer mix. Your creative use of panning and stereo effects makes the beat very dynamic. Where use of LFOs and CVs may make a beat sound varied and interesting in other programs, your soundscaping does an equally impressive job to keep things fresh. Excellent use of reverb as well, the mix always feels saturated and full.

I'm not sure if you'll take this as a positive or negative, but the style of your music is exactly what i would imagine from your artwork and podular lifestyle.

posted : 2005.Jul.30 @ 8.00pm
Thanks, Jamberi! I think you are absolutely correct - my music is a reflection of my life style and i can only take it as a compliment. Means I am staying pretty true to myself.I'll smoke a bowl for you

I actually would like to do more fun stuff with the beats - it always takes just an extra work. But, on that note - would you post some examples of your ways of making Beats more dynamic?! A loop or two... You know, I am a composer and I arrange tunes in my head, sometimes way before I put them down on "canvas", but I never had any special training and I sponge in anything that I hear around and do try to incorporate it in my creative process... Bouncer So, be kind, if you have time, give me your sample. If it makes my music more versatile and interesting, I shall be very grateful... and after all my music is for everyone who likes it, thus it will make others happier too Smile
What a shameless pitch! Rolling Eyes

posted : 2005.Jul.30 @ 10.40pm
I've got all kinds of LP!
Not sure what this lunar nugget is called but I like it.

>> lunar peepholes 03


posted : 2005.Jul.31 @ 1.09am
Awesome production work dman!

The mix is superbly done, and totally flows. I totally dig the breakbeat tirade that you launch into around 7:14. That's my kind of breakbeat!

The breakdown at 11:50 is equally amazing.

The fruit is strong in this one. Those screenshots make me nostalgic.

posted : 2005.Aug.14 @ 1.17pm
Jamberi, thanx, man! I really appreciate your input and knowledge. Fortunately, it was not all Chinese to me, cuz I am familiar with most of the theory you were talking about. Of course behind the Theory there's always an application of ideas. So, your samples definitely Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation helped to bring all this "dynamic sound" stuff together (in my mind). And, that will be something on my list to work on. I tried some of this few times before, but the set of mind is su-uper important and I need to incorporate "dynamic drums" into my tunes just as well as cutoffs, modulations, envelopes, LFOs and all, that makes other sounds move so well and create energy.

Something on AMBIENT-CHILLOUT side:


posted : 2005.Aug.14 @ 4.16pm
You're a natural with this dman. Stuff like this isn't easy. How many hours of work went into this mix?

posted : 2005.Aug.14 @ 4.47pm
WOW! You are quick, jam... Laughing Thank you, man!!!

Well, to be honest it's not a new-new track. I started it quite some time ago, but never brought it to the condition I desired. So, it set on HD for a while, until a month ago, when I decided to finalize some of my old work and stumbled upon "unborn child" frozen in perfect condition and ready to be worked on... So, "+" "-"... darn Question ... a couple of weeks "then" and about 14 hrs "now" Cool
Of course I don't work 24/7 and 2 weeks usually means 2-4hrs a day... may be 26-32 hrs - 45-50hrs total for this song. I wonder if it's too slow or too fast, but I realized, that once I lay down foundation (or rough sketch of the song), it is all down the hill from there. Still lots of work, but it's almost as if I had a vision and rarely anything stops me from finishing. Just the final touch... like in this case ... Rolling Eyes
And, boy!!! you are so right - Chill Out I'll smoke a bowl for you is not easy at all. How funny, you know it too Very Happy
It was such a shock, when many years ago I tried to lay one down and gave up soon. Different energy, different approach... I had to learn it... I admire those who succeeded in Ambient/Chill out music.

posted : 2005.Oct.10 @ 9.02am
I'll be short. This is a new tune and this one more than the previous ones, defines my recording style - DJ-ing my own tunes in the process of recording. Therefore, here comes another (warning: BIG file, about 18 MB) MIX, as one song. Hope you like it.
Rock from Lunar People


posted : 2005.Oct.15 @ 2.05am
Razz great going D.
Classic sounds from you once again.
i wasn't really into the grwaa! sound that randomly came in around the two minute mark
though.. i like the texture of it- maybe if the sound was alittle further back and kind of bubbled
up from the main line? otherwize another solid track from a fruity King!
are you on v.5 yet?

p.s. i miss you. Embarassed


posted : 2005.Oct.24 @ 9.46am
Silk! You da man, I checked this sound and took your advise in consideration - it was a bit too pronounced! I am not on FL5, but feel that it's going to be right pass it, into FL6!!! Very Happy
:: In a midst of busy time getting ready for my BIG Shocked move, I had some late night time with a few music sketches I had, waiting for my attention. Here's one of them Prophesy(Path of Light). It's a bit more downtempo trance and more on melodic side... or what they call EPIC transy tune... I don't know - it's for people to decide...

>> PROPHESY(Path of Light)

posted : 2005.Oct.25 @ 1.36pm
Meanwhile, scary times are coming and it ain't Halloween Evil or Very Mad !!! It's ME Embarassed , moving out of my place and thus leaving behind life of DSL luxury... It will suck!!! Sure I shall be on-line, but no longer uploading stuff, just checking our posts, my dear friends!
So, as a final post for a while I am going to present another song from the new album (in progress) "South of the North Boarder" -- Parallax --


posted : 2005.Oct.27 @ 1.14am
I will miss you..

Your new track is one of my favorites.
Although you may have compressed your master alittle too much- maybe its just the sound
on my side- i just thought it was worth noting just in case it wasn't.
Other then that it moves fing great.



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