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posted : 2005.Jul.22 @ 8.05am
I've been taking a break to rethink the music i make.
Now I'm finally back to the creative process and the creativity has been flowing.

Here's the first jam:

>>Revox- Unknown

The workfile is for Reason 3. Feel free to fiddle around with it, remix it, do whatever.

posted : 2005.Jul.26 @ 11.47pm
Hey, Jamberi!!!
I have just finished listening to your tune... Well, you are very much an electronica musician, much more than i thought I was. Very good flow, nastalgic feel in some retro sounds... I defenitely see it as a type of NEW score mosaic, NEW because I can't say I hear it all over the silver screen, but I can see it playing in some experimental or offbeat flicks. I must admit that it's just as fine to just listen to, but there's so much story in the tune, that my brain immidiately started to put some kind of plot to your song! I am listening to Mysterious Crystalis Wink as I type... also very beautiful, indeed...

posted : 2005.Aug.14 @ 3.56pm
Another new jam. This is my favorite thing I've made in months. Gotta love the jamming phone solo.

>>Needs a name


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