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posted : 2004.Aug.04 @ 2.46pm

Good evening, PodPeople.

Here marks my first post within this burgeoning community. The energy I get from this place is vibrant and creative and I am honoured to be amongst you. ^_^

For my first order of business.. or shall it be play? Business is boring, I much prefer play *nodnod* Anyways, this piece, for me, indicates a great change. I've reached the point with my art, my love, that I know is important. I have come to that point in the road where I can no longer do what I am doing. I must move on or I must stagnate. I find it goodly interesting that this mystical 'aha!' has slapped me in the face three times within three days and, surprisingly, on the first three days of a month of change for me. They do say things come in three's, do they not?

The first was creating the original facet of this piece. I found form and comfort within my work that I had never witnessed before and my pride in the piece was beyond compare.

The second was getting a crit on it that ripped my heart in two. At that I almost gave up all hope. For the first time in my life a crit had devastated me and I nearly stopped painting right then and there. Luckily my stubborn side took over and determination took the place of desolation. I began working on the piece again in earnest.

The third was an unexpected email from Air. It contained goodness and an invite to this wonderful community.. which happens to have the same creative vibe I hope to create within my work. Along with the newfound determination his simple words of kindness helped to re-instill a sense of self confidence and for that I thank him. *flourishes a bow*

Wow. For the quiet girl in the corner, I do seem to be a little on the wordy side today *L* Without further ado, I will post the picture. It is a little too clean for my personal taste but it feels right.

posted : 2004.Aug.07 @ 11.23am

posted : 2004.Sep.13 @ 3.08pm
I like the organic painterly nature of these. Are you still following this new direction?
There's lots more looking and appreciating going on in here than the replies would indicate.
Hit us with an update sometime soon.

posted : 2004.Sep.13 @ 10.15pm
I recently moved across country and my tablet is pooched, thus the lack of creative juices. Did this one just tonight with the mouse. Doesn't feel as natural as I prefer, but then I"m not used to such a tool.

Good to be home. *sage nod*

Oh.. ah.. yes. I'm still attempting that particular style. I rather like the fact it feels so different and more lively than what was being done. Now I do for fun, rather than imagined need. It is all good. Thank you *bows*

posted : 2004.Sep.14 @ 11.34pm

posted : 2004.Sep.15 @ 5.23am
I am enjoying your artwork. The texture, lighting, mood and color choices are wonderful and unique.

I especially like the last two that you posted. They have a sequential feeling about them.
The first girl seems pensive then the second seems as if something has come to her out of the deep, introspective thought. They are beautiful and I see you in them.

Thank you. I look forward to seeing more.

posted : 2004.Sep.15 @ 10.33am
Thank you again for your comment, Sahar. It's inspired me to actually make a concious attempt to make it sequential.

posted : 2004.Sep.15 @ 1.26pm
long dangly
spiralling pattern
reflective of mental state
drooping heaps of intricate
cellular patterns
manifesting the projected form of
intuitively decoded body language
captured here so elegantly.


posted : 2004.Sep.15 @ 2.05pm
I'm breathless. I've inspired two separate people with the same piece. Thank you.

This was written by a Friend of Beautiful Words from Another Place. He has inspired me and I am honoured to see that I have inspired him.

that floor snuck up on me
waited til i shut my eyes
and it gave me a hard slap

i'm half aware now
bruised, naked on the ground
and all my aches bring me joy
and my head spins
and my heart flits

once, twice, and again
talking to myself
but my mouth won't work
and it's awful cold for a summer's day

as i lift myself up
my fingers slip
and i crash down again
in this pool of my own blood
and i wonder
what the fuck did i do?

By Jeskar

posted : 2004.Sep.15 @ 4.18pm
If creativity were calculus, you'd be newton, baby.

posted : 2004.Sep.16 @ 7.36am
awwh *blush* Thank you. All of you... I really appreciate the support.

posted : 2004.Sep.25 @ 1.32am
Unsure. It feels unfinished... but Painter hates me and needs to be reinstalled. I may revisit this dancing Muse in future... after Persephony has been cleansed

Yes.. I've named my computer... >_> *geek*

posted : 2004.Sep.25 @ 8.38am
These are all very interesting. I like how I feel when I look at them. MORE! Smile


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