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posted : 2005.Feb.21 @ 8.25pm
Johnny with Fog shared his cinnamon bun
while they rested and warmed in the fresh spring sun.
Rejuvenated, they were ready to go
when from out of the sky came a UFO!

posted : 2005.Feb.21 @ 11.19pm
the little grey men came and took Johnny away
for now in the cosmos is where he must stay.

posted : 2005.Feb.22 @ 6.13am
Fear not...for the cosmos births not the end, but only the beginning.
If Johnny had of stayed down here on earth...his life he'd not be winning.
The vastness of the cosmos yields a path hope and renewel,
but buckle up your safety belt Johnny, for THIS ship is out of fuel.

posted : 2005.Feb.23 @ 12.31pm
BLAST! Exclaimed the little gray man
Without any fuel, how are we to land?

posted : 2005.Feb.24 @ 12.11am
Cast that Big Mac you're muching
on your alien luncheon
into the tank,
as it smells pretty rank-

and has enough grease
to make you obese.

posted : 2005.Feb.24 @ 12.27pm
Perhaps, johnny thought, even though sitting in a high tech spaceship
That beyond his knowledge, this alien had no conceivable understanding
Of what it was like to be a human on the earth and sit
So blunt and aware, with a down to earth kind of way about living

So far from reality cruising on hamberger foam
There was no way to tell
What was he and where was home

Now so lost in the dissociation of physical sensation
Johnny would never know a certain kind of love that he was missing

posted : 2005.Feb.24 @ 1.30pm
Yet the love he was missing, it flowed every where
through the food he was eating
this face and his hair
but stuffing his stomach with ounces of meat,
fed a great indigestion
obscuring his vision.

His blood was infected with animal meat
his mind filled with breastages,
mad cow disease.

Though suddenly finding
his space ship is doomed
while admidst a flesh dining,
just passing the moon,

the low fuel buzzer
rang louder and clearer
as it dawned what his mother
had said so much earlier:

She said:
Johnny, do not eat that death and dispair
feed that to machines,
it is only fair.

Look at my car, I added a filter,
and now it drives far, on fast food filler.

And so cognizing that his space ship is like his mom's car
and he had to get far
on just onces of lard,

he took the advice of a dude on podFora
realized that he was fat
and could use a good fast,
so threw the rank goo
and greasy poo,
all his hamburgers too,
deep into the tank
then prayed and thanked
it would get him back home
so he would not die up here, all cold and alone.

posted : 2005.Feb.25 @ 11.50am
And then a swift awareness came
He and his craft were both the same
Flesh with metal
Gear with bone
Burn wretched fuel to send him home
Flying quickly treetops pass
It seems the fuel has brought on gas
A smell of death decaying rot
That is the price the trip has bought
So curl the nostrils
Cringing back
From the acrid sting
senses attacked
So aim for the center of a fresh scented flower
Breathe in it's fresh escence
This things at full power

posted : 2005.Feb.27 @ 7.15am
Aboard the metal craft,
It was time for celebration.
Johnny the earth-scum had had the tact
to find the perfect solution!

'Open the Bubbly!' cried one grey being
'Give this man a trophy!' was being
chanted by scores of charming space-ladies
It was a party, indeed, the party of parties!

posted : 2005.Mar.13 @ 11.53pm
But Johnny lay quiet, still and upset,
there was an occurence that he couldn't forget:

Five years ago and a fortnight too
he sat sipping on honey, and bread he did chew.
A wise old grumbler came stomping along,
and a tale of horror he transcribed into song.
Johnny would die with his crew at his side,
at the joyful end of a horrible ride.

posted : 2005.Apr.27 @ 7.11pm
Can this be the end
of my beautiful life?
To never know joy
of children nor wife?
what was that mantra
I was learning to say
when I talked to my neighbor,
the Buddhist today?
He said it would bring rhythm
and fortune to me
and it seems I could use it
in this emergency
at this crucial moment
with nowhere to go
just shout out the words,
Nam myoho renge kyo!


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