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posted : 2004.Aug.04 @ 6.54am
Please contribute to the poem/story/rhyme.

Johnny, walking through the forest,
came upon some golden honey.
He asked the bees could he partake
they said, "have you got the money?"

posted : 2004.Aug.04 @ 3.46pm
"I got's the cash if you is willin'...
just spike my arm with nectar fillin'
it is old pain I long to numb
so to this vice I do sucumb"

posted : 2004.Aug.06 @ 6.09pm
"Money is often fine for the beauty we create;
it is wrong, though, to misuse it- just to lose your feel.
Our life's work is not to be used to merely escape;
go find balance first, then join us for a true life's meal."

posted : 2004.Aug.06 @ 11.38pm
Johnny laughed, "You little guys are surely insane!
You just asked me for it! You got holes in your brain?
Besides, here in dreamland there's no wrong nor right."
Then he ate the golden honey and his mind took flight.

posted : 2004.Aug.09 @ 5.32am
Round and through his Johnny head went.
By next day, mid-time, his body was spent.
His mind, however renewed and cleared.
For the rest of his journey, he was geared.

posted : 2004.Aug.09 @ 7.06am
While thoughts and focus did expand
he found the coin still in his hand
that night the moon appeared a cresent
it seems the bees gave him a present

posted : 2004.Aug.22 @ 9.39pm
A golden box the seal undone,
it had a base and depth of one.
The side of it was such that if
add one, square root, there was no diff.

posted : 2004.Aug.27 @ 5.39pm
As Johnny strode on his journey,
every toe spread embracingly
grabbing the dirt, grass, and moss.
Each stride light, firm, bearing no cross.

posted : 2004.Sep.02 @ 8.07am
The present, life, welcoming him
while traveling in through his dream.
This Johnny, the Johnny he'd sought
was the Johnny he'd always been.

posted : 2004.Sep.08 @ 9.43pm
...but not, as then the winds turned strange
the pond reflects a face that's changed.....
a self echoed from some lost time
a revolving rippled paradigm.

posted : 2004.Sep.08 @ 10.42pm
his potential
growth differential
was exponential
and quintessential

posted : 2004.Sep.09 @ 3.11pm
stumbling through this fora of dreams
he came to a river that bubbled and steamed
with thoughts creative and sly
the fora members said "Hey! Who's that guy?"

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 4.49am
At that he crossed river all dripping and wet
he pulled out and lit up his last cigarette
a campanion was with him small quivering dog
he with broad sweeping gesture said, "greetings I'm Fog"


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