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posted : 2005.May.15 @ 12.47am
Founder of podular affairs-
anxiously inspired and boyant in colored lights
manifesting the vision of podular aesthetic-
tell us if you would, about the history of the pod.

I clearly remember the first time when Poxin
showed me photos of Aaron Rix
swimming in tangled in arrays of colored lights,
at his house in Long Beach-

that was back in the golden green days of the Batcave,
in Chilliwack, British Columbia-

The essence of Poxin was like:
"Hey phong, you've got to check this guy out,
he's so cool- pod warrior!
He has colored lights all in his house like we do
and his art is awesome, look at this groovy design.
He didges with his cosmic friend Xavier,
who makes all his own clothes!
That would be epic if we could meet these guys-
so many portals would be opened."

Meanwhile Air is living a parellel existance in Long Beach,
busting photo vibes on the Poo, and yoga moves on the beach.

As without any effort of my own
Air's didge vibe and podular imagery was being fed into my brain
through the the natural flow of Poxin's social exuberance-
a subtle suspicion began to grow in the way back of my own
that our two universes might one day collide.

And sure enough, look where you're reading this
self-reflective rambling.

posted : 2005.May.15 @ 7.31am
Phong elevates the podflow once again.
Honored by your ideas and efforts, my friend.

» When did you start this pod thing, anyways?

The pod concept began as an ongoing conversation with my friend Mike Stairs beginning around 1993. At that time the idea was about being able to take any creative work ever made and add to it or remix it into an ongoing collaboration. In this way nothing need ever be finished, it would live through the creative tides of a global collective. The "pod" was the environment from which one would virtually access all the desired media, perhaps a spherical chamber that was all speakers video screens and padding... or better yet a suspension gyroscope and VR goggles. In 1997 Rychard Cooper and I met. It was our amazingly similar taste in music that started it . As we began to collaborate I told him about the pod and we began to take the conversation in new directions. Before long we were the pod. Anything we did was pod. In 2000 I told my good friend and art mentor Steve Firchow about an idea I had concerning a web site. I had worked at some professional art jobs by then and almost all my friends were talented artists. It seemed logical to get everyone's stuff all in one spot and show the world what we were doing. Then, through Ang, I met Sandbag. He built the first pod site in 2001.

» Who did the original collective consist of?

Rychard, Xavi and I. Haha! We were the only ones who could "see it" at the time. No one else was as down to manifest it. That's before the whole website thing too. Casey, Greg, Jeral, Sandbag, Cam, g.fro, Carson and Steve where on the first site with us.

» What is it an expression of?

For me, my desire to stoke people out. To produce works that make people feel good and then present them in a context that amplifies that feeling even more. It is an expression of my desire to share, teach and inspire. Add to this equation the intent of all the other podlings and it gets pretty strong.

» Could you attempt to contain with words
the vision that held together your diverse art
and characters together in one pod?

It's the friendships really. We are all friends and all encourage each other to create and excel regardless of a person's style. I think we have always appreciated our collective diversity. We like each others work and respect each other. Other than that? Keeping in touch and updated on each other's works motivates and helps to generate the collective cohesion.

Ramble on if you will.
(more questions coming)

Last year's pod rebirth was the tipping point. Phong's brilliant redesign, which included the creation of the fora, breathed new life and purpose into the pod like never before. I couldn't imagine a foraless pod. This is the year of the pod. Phong and Xavi come to Southern Cali next month for an all out podfest that includes a pod site remix. The fora should run rich with tasty glimpses of that flow very soon.

I am as interested in artists and their relationships to each other and their work as I am in the art itself. The visionary community, with its intent and collective power of manifestation, is the single greatest piece yet created. It is an ongoing collaboration between all of us with powerful properties of emergence and healing. It is this facet of the art gem that interests me most and I delight in making connections between people and acting as a creative catalyst.

In my personal work I seek to reflect those things that are closest to my heart. Though I usually do not use specific symbols or preexisting metaphors I do seek to create visions of the eternal, slices of infinity. I haven't settled down with just one medium and enjoy drawing, painting (both traditional and digital), photography and digital compositing.

~ A


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