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posted : 2005.May.08 @ 4.31pm
POIB aka Towerpipe, Deciduous, Jordan Fehr

Index of /mp3/poib
[DIR] midi/ 15-May-2005 18:42 -
[DIR] towerpipe/ 11-May-2005 01:22 -
[SND] POIB - Shaking Babies.mp3 15-May-2005 18:52 6.9M
[SND] POIB FILM - exper.mp3 15-May-2005 19:24 18M
[SND] POIB Fehr - 251.mp3 15-May-2005 19:02 18M
[SND] POIB Fehr - Culvert Dwellin.mp3 15-May-2005 19:07 9.0M
[SND] POIB Fehr - Cutting Blade.mp3 15-May-2005 19:11 8.0M
[SND] POIB Fehr - Honey Jar.mp3 15-May-2005 19:15 8.4M

posted : 2005.May.17 @ 10.26am
Greetings Sir Poib,
Manifestor of Towerpipe and thorough cognizor of both popular and discordant frequencies.

A. What is the status and goal of the institutionalized portion of your music education?
I just finished first year at Vancouver Community College School of Music. It is a cheaper music institution(part of the reason I go there), but very open minded with a big emphasis on world percussion(including Latin Percussion and Gamelan Ensembles). We also have a teacher who is one of the leading electronic composers in Canada, Peter Hannan.

This being said, it is obvious why I attend. The chances of me affording all of that exotic equipment is about as likely as discovering a baby that enjoys it when you thrust mahogany nails into its eyes. So by going there, I get to learn, and more importantly USE the amazing apparatuses around me using my own twisted methodology.

Until I gain either,
1.) Advances in material wealth,
2.) Recognition by grant and funding agencies,
3.) Success at a level that brings exposure to highly skilled musicians and innovative partnerships,
4.) An uncanny victory whilst testing out the likeliness of winning a federal lottery...
...then I cannot fully do the kind of music that I want to do. So school rocks. Meeting skilled musicians rocks. In turn, we compose and play rock and rollengers all night long.

B. Please if you could explain for us about the balance you aim to strike with your music, between the wide span of cheap harmonious flows we hear on popular radio and the narrow depth of incomprehensible vibrations that drunken jazz masters emit late on a Saturday night in the obscure cellars of their self-regard.
Music is all inclusive. I want to leave no stone unshafted! I believe in the success inherent in gargling poison arrow frog sweat. It really makes me feel triumphant though, Phong, because life is all about climbing the tallest ladder, and surmounting the most treacherous peak. I know some of you may convince yourself otherwise. Even feeling shameful for turning a blind eye to the brilliance that is your potential. But luckily you have the propensity as a fully valid and gargantuously special human being, which makes me burst into an explosion of gasoline and futuristic newpaper columns describing someone who invented a musical instrument comprised solely of YOGURT!!!!!

I just prefer highcontrast. And by that I don't mean only weird/hard to listen to music, but also the most basic and catchy forms. Seuging between the two in unexpected ways is my cup of tea as far as music goes. I get bored fast, so there are always elements of catchy elements like Dub/Reggae, all the way to polyrhythmic dissonant new music using invented instruments.

Think of it this way. Every person has a threshold of what they can process musically. They also have a threshold of the ability to associate a certain style of music to something they can relate in their real life such as a memory or vibe. If you are doing things that push this threshold (which is a great thing), every now and then you'll have to loosen the tension and provide something easy to digest. If you are feeding people experimental recipes, every now and then you must give them a sample of their favourite junkfood to bring back a pleasurable state.

Sure, create new recipes like a madman, but leave in reference to successful forms of before. They were that way for a reason.

New tastes don't happen overnight. They must be worked into. I hope this can be achieved in the same way that it did for me when I heard things like Mr.Bungle and Frank Zappa for the first time.

C. What is the significance of the tattoos on your wrists?
The one on the left is the Wiccan symbol for the Air element, which is placed on my energy recieving arm, absorbing incoming stumulus in the characterists attatched to the air element.

The one on the right is the Wiccan synbol for the Fire element, which is placed on my energy projecting arm, thrusting out cascading torrents of firey magma, akin to those qualities of that element.

I have done a lot of self-analysis and have concluded with precise accuracy that I embody these traits over those of Earth and Water. It was just a method of categorization that I got into when I was studying the interesting aspects of paganism back in 2002. Never fully followed that though. There are equal amounts of flaws and bonuses to each documented theology, so's I step aside and just try and explain the unexplainable through my musical composition and performance, instead of building a stupid building making the claim that it heightens our connection to the creator. If it were up to me, our temples would be close to the ground, or even in the ground, tapping into vital energy centers on the globe to harness the potential of significantly focused human potential.

D. You're throwing a concert, and have months to prepare. Some wealthy frood has given you a million dollars to produce a wild show, and puts no conditions on the it short of making sure that everybody has a great time. Where would you play? How would you market it, and given thousands of eager fans showed up- what would you do?
The running concepts within the band that we are thinking of working to develop are these:

Have custom made melodic percussion designed by myself which resemble crazy hallucinatory shapes that you play, and compose complex interlocking rhythmic music for these eye-catching objects. Tuning them slightly outside of the normal intonation of Western tempered tuning(that of a grand piano with 12 notes in an octave), will create a shimmering effect as frequencies slightly defy the brain hitting oscillations not ‘accepted’ by conventional musical thought.

I would like to choreograph a world-class chef who cooks gourmet meals in RHYTHM with the music. I’m talking about the chopping, adding, stirring of the meal is perfectly synchronized with changes in the song, or even in sync with the actual beats themselves. There is a different meal for each song. After each song a contestant from the audience gets picked at random to come up onstage. They sit at this black and gold ornately designed old dark marble table with metal spiked antlers jutting from the centre. The meal is prepared on a psychadelic plate which has different levels and contours that the food is sitting in, like a 3-dimensional dish. It lights up from the inside, or possibly has putty being pushed through like a pulse. Very visually confusing.

They sit down to eat this in the time allotted in short spastic compositions no longer than 2-3 minutes. This is the crunch time. The finish is signaled by gongs that are 10 feet tall, 7.75 feet tall, and 4 feet tall respectively resonate. Now the contestant stands up and is adorned with a purple cape adorned with precious jewels and tree bark.

All of this is done with psychological patternition in mind associating creativity and highly entertaining stimulation with certain musical tonalities, colors, smells, and tastes. Through this, we are attempting to form new pathways outside of the normal experience of a live performance. Each band member has a flavor scheme, color scheme, pattern, logos, art, etc which rule their quadrant of the stage setup or music motifs. For example, through the repetition of the “Game Over Riff” in conjunct with the scent and sight of garlic will eventually cause you to think about Tower Pipe whenever you mince up a clove for a meal.

For other songs, long strips of silk, denim, or wool(for example) are thrown into the audience making a collective connection of the texture of touching certain materials in conjunct with particular compositions. Pieces that I write with a lot of sporadic and staccato accenting hits(short and sharp) could have wool with small rocks glued to it. Yet another piece distinguished by lush and expansive held notes on a woodwind and string instrument, could have something smooth and silky to help aid the understanding of the different qualities.

So, by including an experience in the fan, which stimulates EVERY ONE OF THE FIVE SENSES, it opens the gateway for a combinatory effect that could be thought of as the sixth sense. Total absurd ecstasy. Make the anticipation unbearable of being bombarded by pleasurable smells, tastes, sights, touch, and of course, AUDIO!!

Think that is strange?
I have not yet described the contortionists (up to 4 of them), that contortion in rhythm or theme to the music. They do this painted in reflective colors that respond to black light. Two of them will contortion themselves inside of a Plexiglas box similar to this one.

It is called a Cajon(pronounced Ca-hone), and is squatted ontop of by the player who plays the box frame with fingers, slapping, and palm hits. This is done with the contortionist inside the box.

Also noted, is that there are possibly up to 10 actors that mingle in the audience creating havoc, or manipulating the experience of the audience member at random(starting epic conversations, or giving examples of people in a frenzy of joy). This is only a small catalogue of events and people that could take place are all simply visions at the moment, still individual concepts that will combine together to create a mosaic of curiosity and wonder. The main goal of the show is to provide the environment for someone to feel the rush adrenaline as a rewarding and memorable event takes place with them being the principle participant. You cannot simply sit in your chair and passively receive. This show would be honed to create the possibility of your involvement completely altering the course of the performance.

These are just some elements that are currently under review.

Look for the meal, percussion stuff, and cajon to come first. The rest is obviously only if I magically got an investor.

And where would I hold such an event?
At the most prestigious high-stratum secret society function held at a secret location in the Himalayan Mountains, invite or sweepstakes winners only to promote maximum craziness.

E. And now for a trick question- what does the mad hatter say to you after your legs have melted through the pavement and the tree of your reality collapses into one branch?
“Splendidly done good chap. You will fit nicely within our colored organization of absurdity. Welcome home, and saddle up for action.”


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