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index « optical « photo » lines and lines and lines and lines.

posted : 2005.Jun.15 @ 1.08am
air: delicate

melo: bold

fleshy: delicate and bold Smile

Like them all...

posted : 2005.Jun.24 @ 8.24pm





posted : 2005.Jul.06 @ 9.12am

posted : 2005.Jul.07 @ 8.46am

posted : 2005.Jul.13 @ 7.57am
looks like im all alone in here...

posted : 2005.Jul.13 @ 8.21am
Becky, you are fast like ninja.

The asthetic is strong within this one! I dig.

posted : 2005.Jul.13 @ 10.20am
all alone on page 2? nooo Very Happy here are some hard and straight lines to compliment your curvy and intricate work Cheers

you've been rocking the thread becky, you've dropped in some great shots in here!

posted : 2005.Jul.14 @ 11.54am
mark i love power lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and here are some i took yesterday but they look soo crappy below yours! Sad and your clouds are so nice and foreboding... all we have is reflective fog (i suppose it makes these shots i have a little more graphic, which i like, it really flattens everything)

i just wanted to post this one because it was straight across by accident! i was sitting in the passenger seat and sticking the camera out the window.

posted : 2005.Jul.14 @ 12.24pm
heh cool, crappy? hell no? the 2nd one has absolutley brilliant framing and composition. Cheers Cheers the last is good too, i like it when things work by acident.

posted : 2005.Jul.16 @ 8.31am
mark i like the clouds.

becky nice random shot, its so well aligned.

posted : 2005.Jul.28 @ 4.25pm
marc i like that one

here is an old one i dug up that i liked

posted : 2005.Aug.07 @ 10.01pm

posted : 2005.Aug.21 @ 2.04pm


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