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posted : 2005.Aug.20 @ 1.33pm
Go for it scotty, let the recursion of Pattern Diver love spread accross the web. Razz

posted : 2005.Aug.20 @ 10.01pm
The WARP site says:

Demos: We regret to say that we are not accepting demos at the moment,
we have a huge amount to get through! Please watch this space until we
can start to accept them again.


I was ready to drop this url on 'em! Shocked

posted : 2005.Aug.25 @ 8.36pm
Air, you're too nice...
It would be cool though. Cheers

posted : 2005.Sep.06 @ 9.42am
i got mine i got mine!!!


posted : 2005.Sep.09 @ 1.32pm

Thanks so much for the cd. I'll try to get you some airplay on the electronica show i'll be working for on CKUT

posted : 2005.Sep.09 @ 1.39pm
I was editing Burning Man pics while listening to it last night and
I kept forgetting it wasn't μ-ziq! Thanks, MIke! I love my new PD cd.

posted : 2005.Sep.09 @ 7.19pm
Awww. you guys are great. Pulsing Love

here is a gift for you. sorry it doesn't have a very plush user interface...
pattern splitter

posted : 2006.Feb.16 @ 1.23pm
i was just hanging out in the e-universe and someone sent me a message saying they were searching for pattern diver, and found me! on myspace! look at that! it was this guy

i don't know if he's on the fora, but if he is, hello!! and if he's not, look! you've got random fans!
wait wait... that's not you is it!?


posted : 2006.Jun.08 @ 9.59am
one year later... Rolling Eyes
Hey fleshy. Sorry I'm so uber MIA and AWOL and Flakey with a capital F.
But what a crazy time its been. Thanks for this inspiring piece of knowledge.
I took a long break from music and just did art for a few months, but nows I think I'm getting back into the swing.
I have a lot of new stuff that I have been working on for school is anyone is interested.
Love to all EyeBall Love

posted : 2006.Jun.19 @ 11.27pm
yes mikonious! many blessings.
we are quite interested-
so lets have it!


what are you doing in school?

posted : 2006.Jun.20 @ 4.39pm
Good to hear from you Phong!
Ok, so heres a blend of some new stuff... It's all fairly rough, but there are some good moments. I'll try to bounce some better versions when they come along...
new stuff

Also check out my new website:
I'm still working on it, but it has a lot of new photos.

School has been good so far, but I'm realy looking forward to next semester. Amoung other things, I will be taking a class in Electronic music and an african drumming seminar... I don't even consider that "work".

posted : 2006.Jun.20 @ 5.59pm
it sounds great mike:asis- some of the transitions between different motifs are bizzankingly well done.
the water flowing sounds near the end are blissful- I'd love to hear this mix continue for an hour!

keep developing the ambient spaces deeper -
more ambient space will enhance your flow...


posted : 2006.Jun.28 @ 9.10am
Thanks Phong!
More to come in the Audial/Visual fronts...
Stay tuned.


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