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posted : 2005.Aug.17 @ 12.29pm
Hey everyone, the new CD "I've Seen Things" is finished. As a thank you to all who encouraged me to continue recording, I am sending out FREE COPIES to any registered Pod-Person who wants one. Just send your Alias and address to and I'll make it happen!

If you can't wait for the CD version, check out these mp3s:

1. the golden rhythm
2. deep cycle
3. ferns have eyes
4. are we here yet?
5. the brains are coming
6. fungus hunt
7. I've seen things
8. fogtop
9. city trees
10. fiberoptic
11. birdboy
12. the big crunch


posted : 2005.Aug.17 @ 4.55pm
wonderful sir,
expounding patterns
of a pattern organizing pattern diver-
forms a self contained affirmation of it's
non commital statement of
blissful perceptions.

Very Happy

can't wait to listen
to the contents of this
trippulent cover.

posted : 2005.Aug.17 @ 9.00pm
I would really like to have a copy of this. I've listened through the first 3 songs, very impressive, very cerebral.

I'm in the process of changing addresses right now, making the move to Montreal, Quebec. Out of the US soils and any unforseeable draft as well Laughing

I'll send you a byte when i secure an address.

posted : 2005.Aug.18 @ 9.46am
your stuff f*ing rocks
get your stamps ready
Very Happy

posted : 2005.Aug.18 @ 9.59am
You are clearly a future Warp artist.
Awesome tunes, very pro.
The album cover is great!
Love it all! Cheers Cheers Cheers

posted : 2005.Aug.18 @ 10.25am
Rockin' beats you have there my friend, your sound is very reminiscent of ILKAE -which is to say, fucking awesome.
Cheers Cheers

posted : 2005.Aug.18 @ 10.34am
Thanks guys! Now that I'm finished with this big project of mine, I would love to start collaborating on some songs with you guys. Let me know if you are interested! Idea

posted : 2005.Aug.18 @ 9.00pm
what software do you use?

who did your album cover?

are those recorded sounds in the background of "ferns have eyes" someone gasping for breath?

posted : 2005.Aug.18 @ 10.35pm
hey Jam! I made the album art in photoshop from a picture of this strange creature from my work ( a museum).

For the album I used Sonar on PC to do the edits and much of the programming and effects. For the instruments, I used Reason. There is also a lot of homemade instruments that are cut up and sampled.

Ferns have Eyes is pretty organic, of of the drum tracks is all samples taken from the woods (cymbals are leafs crunching).
For the voices, I just layered my voice a couple times doing animal noises through a 100% wet reverb with some delay.

I'll smoke a bowl for you

posted : 2005.Aug.19 @ 8.55pm
my god i love your work
thanks to phong i have a lot of your music on my computer now
exciting stuff! i can't wait to see what else you come up with...


posted : 2005.Aug.20 @ 8.25am
Ok...I'm loving this. Very Happy Well done...very well done. Great sounds to sculpt to. I especially like FOGTOP and BIRDBOY.Wink
Do you mind if I post 1 sample track on another Forum I frequent? I know some guys that I think would enjoy this.

posted : 2005.Aug.20 @ 1.33pm
Go for it scotty, let the recursion of Pattern Diver love spread accross the web. Razz

posted : 2005.Aug.20 @ 10.01pm
The WARP site says:

Demos: We regret to say that we are not accepting demos at the moment,
we have a huge amount to get through! Please watch this space until we
can start to accept them again.


I was ready to drop this url on 'em! Shocked


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