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posted : 2005.Apr.27 @ 9.24pm
Hello all you pod-dwelling music lovers...
I got a Pod-style radio object added to my site,
and I have uploaded some songs that I plan on using on a future album.


Your criticism is encouraged!

Guitar music/pattern_diver/

posted : 2005.Apr.27 @ 11.51pm

Shocked !

posted : 2005.Apr.28 @ 10.34am
dude! Yes!
this is my favorite new music.
You got what it takes! Yeah!


posted : 2005.Apr.28 @ 11.36am
Wow, thanks so much guys. This is the first time I have gotten my act together to post my music, so your complements mean a lot to me! Razz

posted : 2005.Apr.28 @ 11.41am
your site is rockin too. I want to see what you do with circuit bending.
do you have more music?
I've been sending it to my friends on the IM and they are all stoked.
my only criticism is I want them to keep going when they end.
2 and 4 are my favs. Is that Alan Watts?

posted : 2005.Apr.28 @ 1.06pm
Yo melo,
The songs I uploaded are samples, they actually strech on almost twice as long, but i am still working on most of them. I am working with a friend in CO to put together an electronic album that will be about 40 min. long. When I am done I am planning on sending copies to any pod people that want them. As for the cicuit bending, I love to fuck with the circuitry inside of kids toys like Speak & Spells and old keyboards. When you cross...say...the logic chip on a speak & spell with it's speech processor, it is basically the binary equivalent of a hit of acid. It will begin spitting out the craziest words and phrases that you've ever heard. If you are interested, this guy is the master, there is even a How-To page:

Alot of the sounds in my tunes come from bent concoctions.

Stay tuned, your warm responses have made me inspired to make and post more!!!

posted : 2005.Apr.28 @ 1.06pm
Oh yeah, that is indeed Mr. Alan Watts...

posted : 2005.Apr.28 @ 11.34pm
Stuff is definintely rockin'. Totally dig the crunch and birdboy Rock

posted : 2005.Apr.28 @ 11.39pm
Instant superstar, just add water!
There's some og Paradinas sounding vibes in there.
The pod's audialness is getting better all the time. Cheers

posted : 2005.May.03 @ 5.35pm
The way you use your drums to accent the melodies is very powerful. I just wish i could hear these at higher bitrates, theres a lot of detail i'm wishing i could hear.

Guitar Applause

posted : 2005.May.03 @ 10.46pm
Thanks Jamberi. yeah, I hate the amount of compression that you have to run audio through before publishing it on the net.To me It is the aural equivalent of 256 color mode...

posted : 2005.May.03 @ 11.38pm
Hey guys, just put a new song up: Pattern Diver

enjoy!! Pulsing Love

posted : 2005.May.05 @ 6.57am
Yo Mike,
I like your stuff a lot!

Pattern Driver rocks!

Add me to list of those who want more.



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