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posted : 2005.Apr.18 @ 11.54pm
I had these lying around and I figured that I'd amuse you all with them. These are by no means well produced, and if you have speakers capable of producing high frequency treble, I suggest you turn them down Sad

They didn't sound so bad in reason, but after the MP3 process, they get rather high. Maybe adjust your bass too, as they sound kind of muddy. Just a precaution Smile

So without further ado, here are some loops:

This one degenerated into simplicity. It started off with saxophones, and then became this. Hah. Mild treble alert.
>> the funk

I made this one last summer. It's hats are surprisingly high, probably because I compressed them so much, and made the song on crappy speakers. Watchout now -massive treble alert.
>> dc

Hip hop inspired, and yes I know that pianos are overused but I can't help it. Annoying treble alert.
>> krush

I made this after I saw the VW singing in the rain commercial. Why? Because I can. And Mint Royale rocks my socks. I want to rock socks too.
>> singrain

Here's another take, with less sock rockage.
>> vw

posted : 2005.Apr.20 @ 8.20pm
dc and vw have the drizeamy drizive slow roll
that seems to be the undercurrent of your style.

I dig it. I would like to hear 8-9 minutes of finished thought on that tip. Cheers

posted : 2005.May.07 @ 11.57pm
dc and singrain are totally rockin, i'd love to hear the rest!

your stuff sounds good.
dont worry yourself too much with the disclaimers.
Yar good

posted : 2005.May.08 @ 1.21pm
I love the singrain one... vw too.. they're all nice and loopy Very Happy they settle into their thing before you realise it's looping, that's a good sign.

posted : 2005.May.16 @ 5.34pm
DC and VW totally put me into daydreaming state... Good stuff even with treble alert. I felt may be just a touch of it, but nothing really too far off. Listened on Alesis monitors. Longer version is a must Exclamation
Keep em coming, amigo. May be I'll get inspired and post some funkey loops. Embarassed

posted : 2005.May.18 @ 12.08am
OK. Used iTunes to convert these bad boys to mp3. We'll see how that goes. I apologize for the sheer size, but iTunes seems to think this is the best.

These are less loopy, and I guess I selected them out of pure intrigue -as these are possibly over a year old, and they amuse me.

I was listening to the cure, and this happened. Blatant ripoff, but fun++?
>> A Forest

This. This is me playing with a whole lot of samples (default reason ones). This one cracks me up hard. I was probably inspired by Daft Punk and something else. I don't know, but I'll let you decide.
>> hopmos

This is the intro to a full length that I am way too embarassed to post. Maybe after some re-working, but definitely worth a listen.
>> elec

OK. I did this one just because I thought it was cool. After many listens, it might not be so cool. I used to aspire to make pure dance music on reason, I guess I stopped for a reason. (no pun intended)

I see a re-working in the future. With less 4/4.
>> echoey

And here's the full length.

Everyone says you are your own worst critic, and it's true. Every time I listen to it, I want to do something else, so I decided just to post it before I had the chance to change my mind again.
>> vw

edit: i snuck a re-upload of the file in. ok no more edits i promise.


posted : 2005.May.18 @ 12.31am
OK. I'll admit it. There has always been a full version of DC that I've never been pleased with. I found that I was happy with the song until the end of the first.. uhm, thing. I posted that thing and that was it.

There are two.. "things". I was at a loss of what to do in order to construct a full song, so I just repeated the first deal. I then later on changed it, but I thought it was kind of wacky because they are inconsistent. I'm not sure.

Here it is!
>> dc

posted : 2005.May.18 @ 6.13am
I never knew you wrote all this stuff!
haa these are making me really happy right now
i didnt want to get up today.


posted : 2005.May.31 @ 12.14am
VW based looping with extended shortness and stereo layering.

>> shortone

posted : 2005.Jun.06 @ 3.23pm
itunes thinks this is best because it is set to encode 320kbps Wink it could be turned down in the preferences, but i think your music would lose the quality that i like about it.

posted : 2005.Jun.22 @ 12.56am
I come bearing fruit!

I was backing up some documents and stumbled across these gems (all fruitylooped):

I believe I was trying to capture some of the propellerheads sound with this. Now it sounds more like a segway into a logo screen on some commercial.
>> whees

Bass goes hi, then low.
>> hilow

P, was the name of this beat.
>> pbeat

A bit more fleshed out. I believe this was the first time I lowered the bpm on anything.
>> raw beat

Not really a hook!
>> hook2

If any of you remember that Mercedes M-class commercial, I totally thought the music was awesome, and decided to cut it up and put it to a slow break. Sounds much like the original.. just not.
>> mc1

Take note: these are almost all breakbeat, which I adored (and still do!) at the time. I was also listening to much hybrid, hence all the strings. Those were the days.

posted : 2005.Jul.27 @ 1.06am
TL, man, some really nice (i mean it!!!) music Rock there. Last bunch has ton of groove and could be separate pieces without a doubt! Thanx for inspiration... Keep it ON! Very nice stuff indeed!!!

posted : 2005.Aug.04 @ 2.09am
Thanks dmaniac, your mix is totally rockin. I only wish I could somehow fanagle my works into one flowing piece some day.

At any rate, here's a new spin on the old krush.mp3. It's got less krush, and more.. kush?

It just stops:
>> kushy.mp3


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