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index « babble « When you eat cows who eat soya- you're eating the rainforest

posted : 2005.Apr.16 @ 9.42am,,1296952,00.html

and also, please stop recycling paper. the chemicals it takes in the process is far worse for the environment than paper companies cutting down their self-repleneshing tree lots.

so to speak

posted : 2005.Apr.16 @ 12.02pm
From these articles:

"SOYA -- USED MAINLY to produce animal feed for the world's growing legion of industrial meat consumers -- is the most important commodity on the world agricultural market."

"Brazilian soya beans are being used for industrial cattle feed in Europe."

"Soya oil appears in hundreds of processed foods such as ice cream, margarines, mayonnaise and lipsticks, but the biggest market is to feed farm animals. Adam Harrison, rural development officer for WWF Scotland, said: "The market has grown because feeding cattle animal protein was banned following the BSE crisis, and soya is the high protein substitute.""

It takes at least 10 pounds of Soya protein to produce one pound of worth meat in an animal, in addition to which you are forced to destroy the miserable animal whos been eating it.

It takes a hell of alot of soya beans to extract on tablespoon of oil, so also, eating Ice cream, margarin, mayonnaise and using lipstick! is contributing to the same destruction.

Most organic Soy products you buy in the USA are grown and cultivated here your average looking farms in the country, though this seems like a european issue. One field can produce a whole lot more Soy protein than it can produce animal protein, so eating beef and fatty ice-cream is expoentially worse for the amazon than eating soya.

With Fish stocks drying up, and the most inefficiant industrial meat grinding systems producing hellishlifstyles for cows and chickens across the continent, there is little left to choose from but Rice & Black Beans!

Yeah, most of the whole world's diggin it. Though established land owners are best to manifest permaculture.

posted : 2005.Apr.16 @ 4.59pm
yeah its a huge chop in the dong if you ask me. lazy, gluttonous cows and beauty queens. tsk tsk tsk.

personally, im not very concerned about the rainforest, so it doesnt bother me that some of it is being cut down. theyre not going to cut it ALL down. but at least a chunk of it is going to be farms instead of like, a parking lot, or hemporium or some filth. "might as well do somethin' while you're doin' nothin'"

i think we will need to come up with better ways to carry ourselves around in the future, but that will come. i dont think we have anything to worry about, and im not just being naive. you would be surprised with he things we discover every day. things that open up a brighter and better future. something that better reflects the mind and spirit of man.

but the worst thing you can do with situations like these is complain without giving any advice for a better idea. you cant ask someone to do something, and then tell them how to do it.

polution is just entropy at work. non-polluting (ie: tribal) societies are not progressive ways of life, theyre just maintenance-living. maintaining a way of life because it works. but with the rest of the world, we're trying to make it better and better, and because we're only so-advanced beings, we have to use technology to try and make life better. which i think is awesome, but its good. we're gradually working further and further towards making a more efficient machine. pollution isnt mans way, its technologies way. man kind is CONSTANTLY trying to calm it down and make it run smooth and clean. and besides, it only takes a few minutes to make fossil fuels

we could never have the battery, electric car, or hydrogen car without the industrial revolution. i mean, what came first: the coal furnace or the solar cell

posted : 2005.May.19 @ 4.13am
May all the podular little creatures rest in peace,
and all the lazy cows eatings soya beans die in peace-
and may the fattened western human beings live in peace:

>>Amazon destruction accelerating
By Steve Kingstone
BBC News, Brazil

Logs in Amazon:
Almost one fifth of the Amazon rainforest has been cut down

The Amazon rainforest is being destroyed at near record levels, according to new figures released by the Brazilian government.

The environment ministry said 26,000 sq km of forest were chopped down in the 12 months prior to August 2004.

The figure is the second highest on record, 6% higher than the previous 12 months. Deforestation was worst in the state of Mato Grosso where vast swathes of land have been cleared to grow crops. The loss of 26,000 sq km means almost a fifth of the entire Amazon has now been chopped down.

On this occasion, just under half of the deforestation occurred in Mato Grosso, where trees have been replaced with soya fields.

Last year exports of soya, mostly to China and Europe, propelled Brazil to a record trade surplus.

But campaigners say exports are being put ahead of the environment. In a statement, Greenpeace called the governor of Mato Grosso the "king of deforestation".

He himself is one of the world's largest soya producers. (!)

Responding to the figures, the government points out that it has increased satellite surveillance of threatened areas and created some of the largest environmental reserves in Brazilian history, but so far there is little to show for it.

The broader fear among environmentalists is that a shrinking Amazon will soon become a net polluter of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide as its absorbing properties are reduced and more and more felled trees are burned.


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