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posted : 2005.Nov.19 @ 11.28pm
Mark, I really dig the sense of time/timelessness in your landscape photography. The lighting is evocative, seductive. It makes me want to jump into the image an go exploring...
Rolling eyes

A recent post by Melo inspired me to dig these prints up and breathe into them a digital life. These were all from the same trip several years back.

posted : 2005.Nov.20 @ 2.42pm
becky and Z: wow, thanks! Very Happy

Z i like the arches shots, the shadow from delicate arch is a great touch (i've got some shots from there to post sometime soon too)

The 2nd snow shot is fantastic, and the last shot would be great as a B&W.

posted : 2005.Nov.21 @ 6.10pm
Mark, thanks back at ya. I eagerly await to see what the "scholeycam" did in that playground. I was there in the wintertime. There was snow on the ground here and there and it was a magical day. I only wish I had more time to spend there. As with any landscape photography time of day is critical to get any drama into the image. It took most of the morning to hike to the better spots and midday sun is not very exciting. Nature's sculpture garden more than made up for it though. I would definitely go back.

posted : 2005.Nov.23 @ 2.37am
Z yeah it is a hike up there, i was racing up there to get the mornign light, but missed the real good stuff. Hopefulyl soon i'll show them..

Here are a few more taken between 3 and 5am halfway up a mountain in Wales. Unfortunately as these were taken in summer the sky was getting light by the time I arrived there. Mad Rolling Eyes

Morning Mist

early reflection

The summit appears

the slab

reflections of the ridge

By the time i got back to the car, the light was fantastic, it would have been perfect for portrait shots, I wish i'd had soemone with me, instead it's just me!


the last of the mist on the way home

posted : 2005.Nov.23 @ 3.01am
Dude... Mark... you need to *seriously* persue the b/w wide angle photography industry. You are really a serious talent, and a significant podling amongst others here (You guys and gals know who). Sorry I'm a bit drunk, I hope my English makes sense. Anyway, thanks for the great exposures, and thanks to the admins as well. Cheers!

P.S. Redwook Creek - Frei Bros. 1890. Beer Toast

P.P.S. Link to high res jpg? I'd love to see the details too. I will match up as soon as I'm done reorganizing my life here in socal. I know I have a lot to offer here in the Pod fora, and I promise I will.

posted : 2005.Nov.23 @ 7.59am
Nori, thanks! yes you're making sense and yes i should pursue this more. I'll see what i can do about larger links.

posted : 2005.Dec.02 @ 2.04pm
wasn't sure where to post these, but they are mostly landscape so here they go:

US Road trip pt 1 ( of a few)

"The Graden of Eden" Lucas, Kansas

220 -- this made me chuckle.



Nebraska (Courthouse and Jailhouse Rock)

224 -- Big Sky in the middle of nowhere




posted : 2005.Dec.02 @ 9.46pm
Mark, your work never ceses to amaze me!
This shots are some of my favorites!
I demand more of this spectacles!

posted : 2005.Dec.02 @ 9.46pm
Mark, your work never ceses to amaze me!
This shots are some of my favorites!
I demand more of this spectacles!

posted : 2005.Dec.04 @ 3.20am
heh, thanks mike, more to come...

posted : 2005.Dec.04 @ 1.51pm
minor update:

Scotts Bluff, during the strong august midday sun so oppotrunities were a little limited.

posted : 2005.Dec.12 @ 2.02pm
Arches National Park. I took loads here so i'll split them down, to make life easier.

Delicate Arch:







Colour version:


Colour version:




Two from the road trip to the park:


This bunch are quite similar, sorry, the others will have a bit more variety to them....

posted : 2005.Dec.13 @ 12.29pm
More bandwidth hogging from me Mr. Green

Here are the remainder from Arches:

Balancing rock


B&W version:



colour version:






colour version:



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