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index « optical « photo » Landscapes anyone?

posted : 2005.Aug.25 @ 7.58am
thanks tim

posted : 2005.Sep.11 @ 10.01am

posted : 2005.Sep.15 @ 9.17pm
another refinery shot

posted : 2005.Sep.15 @ 9.28pm
Super nice, Becky.

posted : 2005.Sep.15 @ 9.51pm
thank you air

posted : 2005.Sep.19 @ 11.43pm
mark just as I scolled to your storms are coming post a big clap of thunder sounded outside my window.... see how awesome your stuff is?!?!? Laughing Serious though it is.

becky those refinery pics are my favorite of yours, they look like super sci-fi. so dope.
p r o p s Very Happy

posted : 2005.Oct.18 @ 10.04pm
nice organization of all the buildings...ha but really there is so much going on but your compositions are awesome, very structured.

posted : 2005.Oct.19 @ 12.22pm
Sigh... even San Francisco's air is becoming polluted like Socal.. Crying or Very sad

posted : 2005.Oct.20 @ 9.15pm
this thread is so amazing... Shocked

mark - your landscape photos floor me. i'm sure you've posted somewhere about the equipment you've used but i haven't searched for it. what body/lenses do you have for these gorgeous shots?

posted : 2005.Oct.29 @ 12.45pm
moving through landscape

a walk through the canyon:

posted : 2005.Nov.17 @ 6.06pm
oh, how beautiful is the smog

posted : 2005.Nov.18 @ 12.33pm
Katheryn: Thankyou! Embarassed Pulsing Love I have a 300D and up until recently (2-3 months ago) i only had a kit lens Most of my shots you've seen so far are with the kit lens (i think i got a good one). I now have a Tamron 17-35 f2.8-3.5 a canon 50mm f1.8 and a cheap-o-sigma 55-200

Becky there are some wonderful details on that walk of yours! Which canyon was it?

a few from me for now...

posted : 2005.Nov.18 @ 5.18pm
mark these are so beautiful, such amazing colors

(that canyon is called george f. canyon in rolling hills estates, ca)


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