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posted : 2005.Jun.17 @ 10.38am
thanks TL Cheers

posted : 2005.Jun.17 @ 10.40am
wow thats beautiful, and the jacarandas are just gorgeous

posted : 2005.Jun.18 @ 10.22pm
thanks becky Very Happy

posted : 2005.Jun.19 @ 9.12pm

posted : 2005.Jun.20 @ 4.07am
Sandbag.. those make me want to grow my wings so I may fly with my Fae cousins and play a game of tag on those beautiful silky flowers

posted : 2005.Jun.20 @ 10.47am
that shot with the tree in the right corner is dope, It look slike a short ent.

posted : 2005.Jun.21 @ 7.57pm

posted : 2005.Jun.22 @ 11.29pm
Aerial Grand Canyon

and Colorado River

posted : 2005.Jun.23 @ 4.39am
nori those are incredible!

posted : 2005.Jun.23 @ 7.54am

Awesome pictures Nori.
Truely breath taking.

posted : 2005.Jun.23 @ 9.10am
How did you score those Nori? They don't look like your standard "out the window of the airliner" images. Very nice Grand Canyon image BTW, I love the 3D feel the clouds add.


posted : 2005.Jun.23 @ 12.17pm
Hello Becky, Fog and Mike,

Thank you for your great comments! These pictures did indeed took a few tries over several years of practice since the opportunities are very rare.

I have a brother who lives in Chicago and I visit him about twice a year. Everytime I schedule a flight back to L.A., I try to schedule on the morning flight with a window seat; preferably in the very back of the plane to avoid the wing.

Just like the aerial I took for downtown L.A in the "your city" thread, I used 17-35mm Nikon lens (very sharp & bright lens) with Fuji S2 body. I use raw mode to take these pictures because I knew I would be editing alot in the photoshop to eliminate imperfections such as distortions, discolorations, and lack of sharpness.

I used no filters such as polarizer, because the objective was to gain as much data into my CCD as I can with as little things inbetween the airplane window. Another important factor to remember is to use ISO below 200. In my photos, I used 100 for the maximum quality.

These photos are then brought into Photoshop and pre-processed before converting into TIFF/JPG. Here are the elements I adjusted in photoshop raw:

- Exposure
- Sharpness
- Curves
- Shadow tint
- Shadows
- Contrast
- Saturation
- Tint
and most of the calibrations for red, green, blue.

I would suggest using your best lens and best camera to do this with. Use the brightest lens and a high-resolution camera that has RAW capability. Otherwise, everything else should be very easy as focus and shoot.

Lastly, you need a good pilot that actually announce the loaction as you're flying by. I don't always have this kind of luck since there are so many factors involved in weather that can easily destroy this opportunity. Hope this helps, and thanks again for such great comments. Very Happy

posted : 2005.Jun.30 @ 9.26am
nori thanks for the tips. they look great!


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