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posted : 2005.Mar.29 @ 5.17pm

posted : 2005.Mar.30 @ 5.59pm
im really excited about this melo... since my camera is broken right now i am digging up old stuff.
ill start with two things belonging to my friend justin:

*images no longer hosted*

posted : 2005.Mar.30 @ 6.02pm
super awesome, does justin web out?
Sometimes when I'm digging through my old stuff I find all kinds of images that I didn't think were worth it at first. Some of my best shots I think have been discovered (by me) long after they were taken. Good luck diggin in the crates! And sorry about your camera, I hope it gets well soon Very Happy

posted : 2005.Mar.30 @ 6.48pm

double post Embarassed

posted : 2005.Mar.31 @ 6.29am
here are a few of mine:

*images no longer hosted*

my old apartment: (crappiest digital known to man)

*images no longer hosted*

posted : 2005.Apr.14 @ 11.00pm
these are nice.
it'd be interesting to see more of your 35mm stuff Very Happy

posted : 2005.Apr.15 @ 7.01am
here are a few melo

posted : 2005.May.10 @ 5.32pm

posted : 2005.May.22 @ 8.26am

posted : 2005.May.22 @ 11.19am
becky these are awesome, i really like the two white shots, the two medical building ones. They show fantastic observation to see and capture them.

posted : 2005.May.26 @ 1.05pm
Supa nice stream of shadows, melo and becky!

posted : 2005.May.26 @ 2.47pm
Ang that first one is totally awesome!

posted : 2005.May.28 @ 12.43am
Ang, Becky!!! Kicking buttts! Very cool stuff... makes me want to be your shadow so may be you will take photo of me!... Embarassed


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