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posted : 2005.Mar.17 @ 9.12am
podular goodness
brings awareness
to the ground central state

by applying deep ecology and permaculture
the fora can utilize techniques and technologies
for approaching the ecological healing crisis
that threatens our planet from all sides

If we peek through the frameworks of the evolutionary history of life on our planet, it is clear that our species has single handedly wreaked havok upon a sensitive interconnected web of life which is far larger than we can possibly imagine. Cradled in the 5 billion year history of the milky way galaxy, our solar system evolved from the free horizon of cosmic clouds and galactic gasses. When our planet began to cool and the oceanic molecular soup was potentiated by electric energy, the first cell was borne. We all trace our genetic and epigenetic lineage to this event, as does every cell of every living thing on Earth. Every single cell in our bodies is a direct descendent in an unbroken chain from that original cell. In this way we are intimately, energetically and physically related to all living things.

The cell evolved into algae which helped to create our biosphere. Over a two and half billion year process it evolved into green plants and eventually to simple water creatures. Next came fish with the first backbones. 450 million years ago the green plants moved onto the land and began to cultivate the soil strata. Amphibians were the next to explore these new lands and the reptiles emerged 200 million years ago. The first mammals began to appear about 65 millions years ago and eventually our recognizable first ancestors the monkeys were born. Major climatological changes on the planet saw the great rainforests recede and turn into grasslands. Tribal Ape cultures began to develop. A mere 100,000 years ago the Neanderthal began the evolutionary ascent into modern humans. To this day the first few weeks of human embryonic development is identical to the embryonic development of all animals, reptiles and fish. We are connected.

Although just a blip in the deep ecology of our world, in a few thousand years we have managed to rape and pillage the nature that used to grow strong in the very spot where you are currently reading this drop. Imagine a rainforest of thousand year old trees surrounding you there. Those trees, plants and animals are the ancestor spirits of the sacred space which surrounds you.

Lets do a reality check and invoke a few examples of the current planetary healing crisis. What are the long term consequences of gmo seeds, monocropping, fish farming, deforestation, desertification, waste mis-management, urbanization, chemical fertilizers, terminator genes, acid rain, global warming, fossil fuel depletion, species extinction, cultural appropriation and warfare?

In Canada, the home of this intrepid elvish ally, we are hosting some of the last Whooping Cranes, Peregrine Falcons, Burrowing Owls and Beluga Whales. Through the toxic destruction of their natural habitats, and introduction of alien species into the ecosystem, these beautiful creatures are now on the endangered species list. America is worse for the wear too, your endangered list would fill this whole drop.

Canada has seen the total extinction our Labrador ducks, Passenger Pigeons, and the flightless relatives of the penguin, the Great Auks. This too is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, cause us Canadians are pretty gentle with the wilds about us.

Hear the silently sung state of grace from Gaia and all her living denizens. Have the courage to take an authentic look at the impact humans are having on nature. Understand how countless dna links in the co-ecology of the Earth have been lost through our disfunctional development strategies and irresponsible energy usage.

Permaculture is dedicated to applying solution based approaches to the situations at hand. Seeing how problems contain their own solutions, permaculture opens gaialouges about the tools and techniques of paradigms like mycoremediation, biodynamics, vermiculture, sustainable forestry, conscious architecture, reiki, zenith healing, energy work, medicine plants, land stewardship, eco-ethics, waldorf schools, tribal economics, organic gardening and dance therapy.

how do we apply the evolution of consciousness to the development of a stabalizing ethic which promotes healthy relationships with all things?

this fora thread is intended to stimulate a dialogue about permaculture, deep ecology, biodynamics and long term solutions to the planetary healing crisis. what can we do?

posted : 2005.Mar.17 @ 12.49pm
Excellent drop, Galactik Kin.

The first thing that comes to mind is to create a permaculture link hub in the web section.
Include all worthy links pertaining to education, green architecture, off grid living or any other
facet on the permaculture gem. Let it become big and useful... big fatty columns of helpful links.

posted : 2005.Mar.30 @ 5.11pm
>> The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

Pretty soon we may have to practice permaculture just to survive.

posted : 2005.Nov.11 @ 11.21am

i like to think of this not as being forced, but being abundantly invited. thankfully, our best options are the most fun and easy Smile



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