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posted : 2005.Mar.14 @ 9.23pm
Approximately a year and a half ago I first heard the term "Indigo Children" and was raptly fascinated. I don't know exactly what it was that caught my attention... even before an explanation was given to this term. Since then it seems everywhere I turn this subject seems to play with the fringe of my subconcious and concious mind. I'll go for months without thinking about it.. with ignoring anything to do with it. Then. Suddenly. It hits me like a brick and I am brought back to wonder about them.

Have any of you heard about Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Star Children or the like? I'm curious to find out just how many people I know are famillair with the terms or have even met any. I found an absolutely fascinating read on the subject at Normally my attention span is short enough that I'd get through a few paragraphs of something like that and wander off disinterested-liek, but I actually read the entire thing with excitement.

I think my recent obsession with this is more than just an interest in something new and different. Hell, recently I've questioned my own sanity over all of it... I'm not sure if it's just the typical human desire to be 'different', 'unique', or 'special' in my own way, but I sometimes wonder if I might be one of these children. I've even gone so far as to start questioning my mother on my behaviour when I was a small child. I'd love to find a way other than my own perceptions to see whether I fit into this category or not... time will tell, tho.

So yes, I'm curious on your thoughts on this new evolution that is apparently coming out of the woodworks... What do you know about them? Have you met any? Do you think it's real or a hoax? (I, personally, think there is some merit to it)

posted : 2005.Mar.16 @ 12.27am
Greetings to The Vibe.
It is great that you brought this up, as this topic has such depth.
This form of consciousness you're exploring,
as you seek to redefine your spiritual paradigm,
will change the way you perceive the world,
and alter the path of your life.

The influence of this state of consciousness is considerable-
so be cautious, as there are many illusions which seek to propogate.
Act rooted in the truth of your own life,
your own experiences,
and your dreams will manifest in your reality.

For instance,
sombody says, "I am a Canadian", and this is true to some extent.
Though if a Canadian eats and drinks and thinks the same as an American
then is being a Canadian just a hoax?

There is some merit to being Canadian-
you pay your taxes to the particular government
sing a particular anthem, and live within particular borders
though ultimately, once you die you are no longer Canadian.

Being Canadian is a temporary identification,
an illusion which will eventually dissolve,
though this temporary identification forms a complex of
interwoven relationships which weaves a higher organism.

If this illusion of being Canadian, and all that implies,
propogates into enough minds, it will manifest a country that will defend borders
and work together in one higher flow, acheiving incredible things
which any one of it's composing individuals could never do.

Identifying with Canada may bring some sense of security.
As strongly as you feel Canadian, you feel you are not alone,
there are millions of others which stand where you do,
and so some primal senses of fear may be releaved under this condition.

You pay your dues and you enjoy the benefits of being Canadian
and if Canada does something positive in the world, you feel proud.
Because of this identification, whcn Canada does somthing wrong
you may defend it with illusions, or otherwise feel shameful,
even though you may have not had anything to do with what the country has done.

Identifying with a country comes in a perfectly balanced flow.
You pay, and so you receive. You identify, so you are included.
You are proud, and so you feel shame.
You feel safe, until the country starts a war, and then you suddenly fear for your life

All these things come as baggage to this attachment,
complicating the flow of life.
They create waves in the ocean of your mind,
which distort reflections of the truth that you perceive.

Being in the brotherhood of Canada,
you may instictively favor other Candians as opposed to Americans.

Though what is more true than being Candian, is being human.
Also, there is a human paradigm which makes you
naturally more compassionate towards with other humans
than towards pigs, chickens or cows, which you may casually destroy and consume-
something you would never dream of doing to another human.

Likewise, there are infinite paradigms for perceiving the life and evolution of the spirit,
all of them perfectly balanced with light and shadows.
As much as you may identify with other spiritual beings and it makes you feel included,
you may feel lonely in your mundane life, as though few others can share this dream
as it is so conditioned by particular understanding.
If you do find another being with the same beleif
it may divide you from the others.

"We are Crystalline Children of the Future.
Our DNA is special- we are different."


"They are the Crystalline Children of the Future,
Their DNA is special- I cannot acheive their state."

And then our minds naturally try to run away with these fragments,
causing a host of abstractions, causing alienation,
and projecting beleifs which may block the light nuturing realization of the crystalline state.

Really, it takes a lot of very subtle work to cleanse the mind
to perceive the subtely of the world clearly
without the obstruction of our shadows.

The extra bonus that becomes active in
in our evolving DNA is something which lies dormant in every human.

Every nerve in your body is alive, has it's own center of awareness.
Together, abiding by the wisdom of the DNA they share, they regulate themselves,
like a million humans aboding by codes of conduct and laws manifest a city,
your nerves create your brain which supports your body of 50+ trillion living cells
through which your awareness projects.

When the mind is peaceful it perceives more subtle forms,
and so naturally comes into harmony with them.
In harmony and so more subtely peacful.

As a result, the bundles of nerves in your body
change the way they communicate amongst eachother
making your mind more sensitive to how you react in the world.

And like how the people living in a country at peace are less agitated,
and more relaxed than a country at war,
when you, the prime minister of your body,
consistantly tell the cells in your body you're at peace,
they start taking it easy, and so your peacful state is stregthened.

Not always panicing to fight somthing,
your cells relax to a different vibration and may pick up
extra data in the DNA and have a read,
like you might a wise book on a calm evening.

Yet two people with the same DNA react dramatically different to the same scene:

A dog is barking very loudly downstairs. Constantly.
One person is terribly agitated, and complains, and becomes tense, stewing in thoughts of kicking or shooting the dog. These violent thoughts make him agitated. This person is at war with the world, and so his cells communicate grossly. He shouts at the dog and it barks louder.

Another person living in the same house listens closely to the dog with all their awareness,
they listen to what the dog is saying. They hear subtle variations in the tones of the dog,
and compassionately embrace the vibrations, and so understand what the dog is saying,
and learn to understand the animal better. All the dog is just lonely and wants some attention,
so they go downstairs and pet the dog and feed it and it is quiet again.

In a subtle state, the mind is not frightened
wandering through a dark forest in the middle of the night-
and this is a literal metaphor for so many things.

It hears a russling in the bushes, and instead of getting scared,
going into primal state of survival insticts which lower it's
state of consciousness to that of an animal,
it rather projects subtle awareness, listening closely.

Instead of imaginating a bear jumping out of the brush,
it hears what may be a raccoon and it's little babies.
Close your eyes and you can almost see them, they are beutiful.
It slowly moves your body around, as not to frighten them.

The bear is an illusion, a shadow projecting, causing fear.
The truth is that it was a tiny mammel creature,
and reacting fearfully would surely scare it.

So when the mind is not frightened by the world, it does not frighten others,
and maintains a balanced state-
all this causes the body to have strong and aware white blood cells,
which manifest a very healthy immune system
in a deep harmony with it's environment.

Light beings take every form,
and all minds are interwoven in a way
that makes the most subtle form of communication possible.
Those being known as Indigo are more sensitive to these vibrations,
and so act on a more subtle plane of perceptions.

This Crystalline paradigm may awaken long fogotten memories,
firing up the intuitive heart of compassion and good will,
and if it helps you to remember at all times what you are here to do
then it can be valuable to evolve your emotions.

Though no conditioned terminology or beleif in particular spiritual phenomenon
can enhance the beautiful truth which always shines like ten thousand suns.

There are complicated volitions mixed up in the writings
of many beings who channel eternal wisdom through a particular form,
and their volition is just as strong as their attachment to particular terms.

Those who come into this place and cling to terms,
causes themselves all the same unease.

There are religious people who call the new paradigm 'new age', and despise it as such.
And the partially realized children of the new age may claim to be the sole carriers of light,
and despise religion as such, even when they mean the best for all.
Yet both shadows are simply forms of attachment, whcih block the same light.
All spiritual beleif divides along these lines to some extent-
subtle or gross, they arise as the conditioned manifestations of religious archetypes.

Here I say Jesus, there I say Krishna-
and we both may be referring to the same state of compassion which is universal
yet may hurt eachother by stewing in these illusions-
blinded by identification with religious terminology.

It is good to be careful,
as when the mind becomes occupied with
the the romantic illusions of others,
we forget our own dreams.

Forgetting our own path,
we forget to live the life we would rather.

Yet the truth in unconditioned. All awareness is light.
If we wish to see deeper, we can forget what has been said
and watch this light projecting in the most subtle vibrations,
so we perceiving the levels of vibration in contrast to eachother
the mind naturally cognizes a large picture of how this all works together.

Have faith in your own dreams, your own perceptions.
Beleive in yourself, and everything will become clear.

Like a wave, all things are balanced,
and identification with religion and beleif in spiritual phenomenon
which is out of our grasp creates illusions which cause waves.

Yet it is well worth observing,
there is a major shift in human consciousness occuring,
as it spirals into itself one more step, coming around to reflecting it's own nature
within itself, allowing humans to casually peer behind the thin veil of illusions which
cause us to identify soley with our physical manifestations, as we start to consciously cognize
the unique properties of consciouness itself and the relationships through which it arises.

While the archetypes at the base of human life will persist,
new and exciting phenomenon will arise, and be perceived by the gross state as novel.

The Indigo children may arise in relation to the conditioned patterns of a dying paradigm,
and then disappear once the entire race has become them.
Yet this world is eternal.

Infinite beings flow through this world on their own paths,
and you are onhe of them-
you are already are what you are, so do what you love.
You already feel what you feel, so love who you do.

Eternal happiness is the most subtle state,
and is only found where there is peace.
Peace is simple, peace is love.

This is the eternal state which we all share,
it is the trunk that binds us.

Live in peace and very soon
the turbulent ocean of your mind will calm,
you will see the infinite phenomenon reflecting clearly.

If you find the Indigo spiritual paradigm to be good,
use it so see all your fellows as light beings-
just some are more realized than others.

See them sharp and strong through this lens, and love them all
with great compassion, and let it flow through your heart.
Never speak of the internal religion which keeps you strong,
and soon all denominations will speak that you are filled with light.

Though the truth which transcends these perceptions,
is that we all are children of one light, and share the same eternal thread of awareness.

Frog Buddha

If truth is what you aim to be,
well then the truth shall set you free.

posted : 2005.Mar.16 @ 7.49am

posted : 2005.May.06 @ 12.49pm
i heard about indigo children a couple of years ago by someone trying to tell me i was one. so i checked it out and yeah, i could totally relate to all of the criteria they listed as "indigo". to recap, here they are

* They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it)
* They have a feeling of "deserving to be here," and are surprised when others don't share that.
* Self-worth is not a big issue. They often tell the parents "who they are."
* They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice).
* They simply will not do certain things; for example, waiting in line is difficult for them.
* They get frustrated with systems that are ritually oriented and don't require creative thought.
* They often see better ways of doing things, both at home and in school, which makes them seem like "system busters" (nonconforming to any system).
* They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often turn inward, feeling like no other human understands them. School is often extremely difficult for them socially.
* They will not respond to "guilt" discipline ("Wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did").
* They are not shy in letting you know what they need.

so i'd like to know what they consider "new children" because last i checked, characteristically, i haven't been a child for over 12 years and i've been exactly like that since birth. i still feel exactly this way now, but i don't know if what i'm looking for in life and companionship is "indigo". i just look for people that i can relate to and can relate to me, which, if my observations are "correct", is what everyone else in the world is looking for? what if all the children of the world feel this way? i mean really, maybe the parenting method of guilt and absolute authority is wrong? *cough cough* and they're just starting to figure that out now? oh well maybe children "like me" will have a much easier childhood now. or maybe my difficult and frustrating childhood is what made me the way i am now? it made me realize moreso that only when i keep asking questions and observing will i get what i want... and personally, i don't think that's such a bad thing. do you?


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