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posted : 2005.Mar.12 @ 2.54pm
Lime juice on ice
An art piece to hang
A rusty nail, lead weights and snails
Crawling motion filters
Critical thinking unhinged and instinct
Random pebbles washing ashore
Turquoise blue my favorite light reflection
For light there must be darkness
Or telemarketing schemes would fail
Groundhog day would be just earth day
Trees might grow blue under the midnight sun
My name is tyler
I’m weird
Or am I ?
I see life as a reflection of light swirling in a mass of perpetual motion in continuous atomic replacement
A place of beauty and sadness
I wear a smile to shed positive energy every day even when I feel lost and confused.
The sun is my father and my son is my art
Art is reflecting a change in the human collective unlike anything we have seen.
That a picture has thousand words
Is man is coming into the age of enlightenment?
If so I think the animal kingdom as whole not including man deserve the right of passage, for we have only lead a destructive path through our entire existence and the sins and violence will never cease. I believe the time is near for us to learn from our mistakes, but it’s going to be many generations ahead of us that will suffer and pay the price. Great art for them might ease the pain and remind them of who we were, and why we wanted to live in peace.
Let light shine on your art, for it may be the only thing left for mankind to dream upon.
Tyler Gentry


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