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posted : 2005.Mar.12 @ 10.49am
in the light of Rodney's optical thread, this can be a place for us to post any of our work that is being shown, performed, played, featured, etc.

One Room:

A man in a solitary confinement cell clings to his memories of the outside world, filling the empty space with his imagination. In another time and space, a young woman retreats to the isolation of her room. In One Room, memory gives way to imagination. Imagination filters into dreams. Dreams become uncannily real. And reality excites an ecstatic wonder. In a provocative synthesis of forms, this play fuses drama and imagery with dance and improvised music. One Room is at once starkly chilling and bursting with color, evoking a multiplicity of worlds both absurd and enchanting.

melody parker, a fellow classmate and student of rychard's (CSSSA summer '00), has written and directed a play that is being premiered/performed this weekend @ UC Berkeley. the play was inspired by a day a group of us (including dzuy) spent in a pitch black room messing around with vocal musical percussive soundscapes. so she asked me to help her with similar music to accompany the play. we got a group of new people and attempted to recreate the experience while recording it, and then i developed a program that would allow the samples to be played live along with the stage action. my program is used during the final scene triggering phonetic sounds and vocal percussion. melody later added a few vocalists, a string bass, and a piano to the scene. this was my first time developing an interface intended to be used primarily by someone other than myself.

> Barestage Productions


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