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posted : 2004.Jul.27 @ 5.27pm
Hubcap for a Celestial Chariot

posted : 2004.Jul.28 @ 9.00pm
ai-ai-ai!!! da-a-arn! Beautiful and full of light!!!

posted : 2004.Aug.02 @ 9.08am
Cool View

posted : 2004.Aug.02 @ 1.06pm
It would be cool to see something in this format that had actual subject matter in it, such as a provocative theme on the accumulation of MSG deposits in clusters around the body. Drool Drool Drool Drool Drool Drool


posted : 2004.Aug.02 @ 9.25pm
How's this for subject matter? Wink

posted : 2004.Aug.02 @ 9.28pm
yay! I love poo poo kitty! Very Happy

posted : 2004.Aug.05 @ 4.39pm
beautiful Images all (love the blue one)!
and poo poo kitty too

posted : 2004.Aug.08 @ 9.10am
Prayer Blue

posted : 2004.Aug.09 @ 3.52pm
A Walk in the Garden

posted : 2004.Aug.10 @ 6.41pm
Luminus grace
Loves radiates
From the center
Past the screen
And through me

A reaction to "Prayer Blue".

This thread is so dreamy and full of good flowy loveness.
Good work, Sahar!!! Watching this organism grow over
time will be great fun.

posted : 2004.Sep.22 @ 3.10am
Thank You Air!!!

posted : 2004.Sep.22 @ 7.56pm
Hmm... I don't know why, but for some reason this came out when I thought of the thread title...


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