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posted : 2005.Mar.20 @ 9.51am
started this today... some of the notes need to be fixed, but just to give an impression

untitled symph ver1
an hour later...
untitled symph ver2

posted : 2005.Mar.20 @ 12.12pm

posted : 2005.Mar.26 @ 10.17am
spent a little bit working on this synth bit

posted : 2005.Mar.28 @ 11.35am
I'm developing this song much different that I usually do. I disconnected my keyboard and decided instead to work manually with the notes in the pattern sequencer--writing lots of little patterns and melodies, 4 or 5 notes each that when put together hopefully sound much larger, more complex.

Here's what i have so far.

posted : 2005.Apr.08 @ 5.51pm
some more little bits


posted : 2005.Apr.20 @ 8.30pm
Musicality and a prettiness permeate. Solid.
The Rhodes bit sounds like something out of vintage mu-ziq or Plaid.
You must do something further with it. I like the variety of the pieces as well.
My ears are asking for more layers, more sonic elements
occupying the same space.

Thank you for the constant drops.

posted : 2005.Apr.21 @ 11.36am
Me likey. They are a bit sparse. If there were vocals over the top they would sound full. I can hear some Trent Reznor type vocals over "glitz". (Maybe I think that because I listened to his new album yesterday).

Here's a tip to make bits more interesting when it's a whole song, so people don't get bored of the same loop. On a synth I've added delay, filter, and stereo panning effects. But, they aren't all on the same setting all the time. To build up a song I slowly bring in an effect or two slowly. If there's a break, and then an explosion - for the explosion I jump all the effects up a notch. I've found the echo and stereo panner can make the instrument swirl around your head. Here's a song I made that better explains what I mean:

Can't wait to hear more of your stuff!


posted : 2005.May.03 @ 5.26pm
Thanks guys. Those samples were from my last few days using FL as my sequencer of choice... making the big leap over to Reason, HUGE learning gap. Thats whats making my music bits sparser in the last weeks. This is a little thing i've produced in the last couple days.
>>Messing around with some samples and splices recorded from Vitalic

Some little piano parts i wrote a couple weeks ago, seperated by about 5 seconds of silence. I could never really tye them together like i wanted to, so i just left them apart.
>>Some little piano peices

I also had this song i made nearly a month ago, but had the same repeated problem exporting, some of the samples would cut out, or get stuck in a feedback loop. Weird because none of these problems would come up when creating the music. Inspiration here was drawn from Boards of Canada.

posted : 2005.May.03 @ 11.51pm
Jam, I love to see the progressions in your work. Reason is an incredibly capable and complex program, It takes a good couple of months just playing around to get a feel for it. Programming in the piano role definately has it's perks... I'm addicted. Maybe we could start a thread for all those who use reason to share tecniques and patches since the .rns files are fairly small.
Keep up the good work!

posted : 2005.May.04 @ 10.01am
reason thread sounds great to me.

I just got Recycle installed and i'm having fun loading REX slices into the drum machine and loading on the effects.

posted : 2005.May.04 @ 5.50pm
I've started working on a second thing in reason. I love working with this software, everything is more cerebral, I spend a lot more time polishing the effects and turning nobs, then just working in a piano roll cranking out notes.


posted : 2005.May.04 @ 6.05pm
I really like the semitone on your lead

posted : 2005.May.05 @ 1.20am
word to the reason thread.
not a bad method for collaboration either.

jamb. the software switch doesn't look like much of a gap for you to jump, the new stuff sounds great! Rock


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