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posted : 2005.Feb.27 @ 5.49pm
I thought it might be interesting to keep a running thread with versions and snippets from songs i'm working on as they evolve.

Here are some humble snippets of two songs im working on

Working Title- "Start A Scene"
Working Title- "Midnight"

posted : 2005.Feb.27 @ 5.50pm
Here is a second take on "Start A Scene"

posted : 2005.Mar.02 @ 10.26am
Third take on "Start A Scene"

posted : 2005.Mar.03 @ 1.46am
excellent idea!
thought i'd let you know im listening so it wont get too lonely posting in this part of the forum.
waiting for the final product.
it sounds good so far.

posted : 2005.Mar.03 @ 7.32am
seriously podular. loving sas3.
link to version 2 no workie 4 me.
eye perceive a stylistic evolution toward
an expanded lushness. It seems more complex
while still maintaining the bouncy fun vibe i dig your stuff for.

posted : 2005.Mar.03 @ 10.09am
2nd take is missing an S in

posted : 2005.Mar.03 @ 3.01pm
fixed it

posted : 2005.Mar.04 @ 12.38am
nice, me likey. listened to it a few times, i like how the two synth lines sound together, complex, but the sounds are clean so I can follow it easily

posted : 2005.Mar.04 @ 1.04am
I FINALLY got a moment to post Mad
First off. I Love this Tread, I wanted to start something very similar for my own sounds.
It’s really great to be given the chance to "Hear" you thinking.
And I love what your thinking for "Start a Scene V.3"
I can’t wait to see where it goes...
And "Midnight" grabbed me immediately... It’s hard to give real crits right now though...
I really dig it so far.


posted : 2005.Mar.04 @ 10.57am
Getting closer to the final realization...

Fourth take on "Start A Scene"

posted : 2005.Mar.04 @ 11.48am
Second take on "Midnight"

although i'm not sure i like exactly where its going.

posted : 2005.Mar.04 @ 5.16pm
midnight is radalicious, for some reason it reminds me of Serge Gainbourg?? Don't know why.
Trust me this is a compliment, but I wanted to cry when it cut off at the end. Crying or Very sad
I understand it's a WIP, but torturous just the same. Really good work man. Cheers Cheers

posted : 2005.Mar.04 @ 9.27pm
thanks for the praise melo,


i think the bassline introduced in the last 20 seconds or so needs either serious tweaking or completely removal, im not sure what i think of how it mixes.

Any second opinions?


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