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posted : 2006.Apr.23 @ 10.00pm
beautiful... its nice to see you back!

posted : 2006.May.02 @ 11.04pm

posted : 2006.May.11 @ 4.47pm
thanks becky! i always enjoyed your work. in fact, you have a folder on my HD. Wink

posted : 2006.May.12 @ 10.47pm
thank you
i happen to have a folder for your work as well. Beer Toast

posted : 2006.May.14 @ 4.36pm

posted : 2006.May.14 @ 7.08pm
oh air : that's one of the most beautiful things i've seen in ages.

the spider's web? *gasp* this is when silverbirch starts drooling

posted : 2006.May.14 @ 11.48pm

posted : 2006.May.16 @ 7.55pm
becky! - supreme phattness.
thanks for documenting slices of nature's reflection!

posted : 2006.Jun.29 @ 3.10pm

posted : 2006.Jul.01 @ 2.57pm

posted : 2006.Oct.17 @ 7.59pm
Holy crapsicle! Shocked
I had to start new folders just to keep these images with me in case Internet is down "Digital Becky" and "Digital Flesh".
Photos were just too beautiful not to stick'em onto my HD. You rule. girls!!!
Beck, such an array of greatness... thanx!

posted : 2006.Oct.17 @ 8.39pm
i love the washout at the top of that one jagoda,
it looks like the plant is decending from the sky!

gorgeous shot...

posted : 2007.Jan.02 @ 7.18pm


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