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posted : 2005.Aug.18 @ 11.46am
hmmm, it'd be interesting to see all the detail a smaller sperture would yeild but I love the shallow DOF of this image, it really gives it a fantasy feeling, like the title of the image implies. A little crew of mushroom homies. Also the bokeh in the background is lovely, almost like a glowing aura around their heads.

posted : 2005.Aug.18 @ 1.24pm
Thanks guys...yeah...I figured it'd be a higher f-stop, but I didn't have a tripod and the photo would have never came out unblurry as a handheld shot. I like how it looks myself with the blended look, but I was just wondering if there may be any pointers for future use. Do any of you find there to be certain stops that you find to be staples...meaning ones you use the most? (If that makes sense I realize that depending on the lighting and such it's different) Smile

posted : 2005.Aug.19 @ 5.45am
Each lens will have it's 'sweet spot'
F/2.8 on one lens maybe super sharp... on another it may be very soft.
Depends on the lens quality.
Anything past F/22 and you'll probably start getting soft again.. but your Macro lens Scott is supposed to be pretty crisp from F/4 and on.
Like you said.. it depends on the lighting also.
Try taking the picture with multiple F-stops.
You'll be able to see yourself which stop you like the best.
Like melo said tho.. that picture looks awesome that way.. seeing all the detail would change the picture for sure. Not in a bad way.. just different. It would give it a different feel.

You should be able to hand hold down to at least 1/100.. perhaps even more.
The macro is like a super telephoto.. so it emphasizes every little shake.. but.. experiment.

Try the camera on Shutter priority.. and start your shutter speed at like 1/500.
It'll set your aperature for you.
Take a picture and then drop your shutter down to 1/400.
The camera will stop down the aperature ... take another picture.
And so on.

Don't forget about your ISO too...
You can set your ISO to 400 without barely any noticable grain/noise.
That gives you 4 times more light than at ISO 100 and should gain you 2 stops without having to change shutter speed.

posted : 2005.Sep.03 @ 11.26am

posted : 2005.Sep.03 @ 11.35am
great water drop shots becky, but this one is awesome. A little more DOF would help but still, a great shot. Cheers

posted : 2005.Sep.15 @ 9.54pm
thank you mark

posted : 2005.Sep.18 @ 12.12pm
BEAUTIFUL drops Becky! Smile Pulsing Love

I haven't been out with the camera for a while now, but you inspired me to get out and search for some of my own magical drops of life...thank you. Wink





posted : 2005.Sep.18 @ 12.21pm
Shocked Shocked Shocked Aaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhh!!!
Rock Rock Rock Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers

posted : 2005.Sep.18 @ 2.55pm
Shocked Shocked Shocked indeed...

wow scotty; that's hella phat!

posted : 2005.Sep.19 @ 12.23am
wow, i agree with air and st.even, awesome shots scotty the zing that's on the last is great. Cheers Cheers

posted : 2005.Sep.19 @ 11.58pm

posted : 2005.Sep.20 @ 4.20am
Nice depth to that photo Melo. Smile

posted : 2005.Sep.20 @ 11.42am
would you be so kind as to upload high res vesions of those dew drop pics
to grace our desktop wallpapers?
they will undobtedly find their way into the work space
of hundreds of podular artists in time...

many thanks if you can-
so beautiful.


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