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posted : 2005.May.26 @ 9.27am
Hey Mark!

If you have any time, I know us podlings would really benefit from a short "tuning tutorial" from you. I've tried to shoot raw with my D70 and can never figure out where to go next once in PS. The "Curves" tool just confuses me and "Variations" seem to be too dumbed down for precise meddling...

I love the color version BTW,... great subtlety (sp?).


posted : 2005.May.26 @ 9.51am
Fog, yeah I think I should be able to find time to do this, I was thinking of doing something similar for my site tutorials, though I didn't want to give away tooooo many secrets Wink I'll pick an image and do a work flow tutorial from RAW to final image.

In the mean time I suggest you check out the levels tool for tuning, much easier to understand than curves, but very similar in what it can produce.

posted : 2005.May.26 @ 10.00am

Awaiting with breathless anticipation... and futzing with levels..



posted : 2005.May.26 @ 9.05pm
I agree with Foggy on this one.
Your tutorials are very informative.
Shawn showed me the light of levels.
That alone seems to be such an valuable tool.


A little embarrased to admit it,
but I didn't know RAW format made colors flater.
I started shooting RAW so I could make adjustments in Canon's RAW editor.

New Finding!

Heres something to tide you over until Mark tosses up his tutorial

Canon's Way of Sprucing Up RAW
Tips & Techniques > Sharpening RAW files

I found it quite useful.
I busted out PS, and tried it out really quick.
Tell me what ya'll think.

Newly Edited
*images no longer hosted*

posted : 2005.May.27 @ 12.27pm

posted : 2005.May.29 @ 9.34am
Wow, Ang, both are great, but first one is a madness of colours... coming from a madman Twisted Evil

posted : 2005.Oct.29 @ 2.40pm

posted : 2005.Nov.01 @ 10.00pm

posted : 2005.Nov.19 @ 10.47pm
my coolpix4300 does not really take the best macro shots, still I felt these were worth posting ...

posted : 2005.Nov.20 @ 8.01pm
the second is excellent. Very Happy

posted : 2005.Nov.21 @ 6.32pm
Thanks Becky. I have been enjoying seeing your camera skills progress in the fora. (I especially liked your Ireland work.) It seems that everyone's skills here in the pod whether they be photo, illustrating, writing or music, are evolving at an exponential pace. It is exciting to be a part of all of this creative exchange. Very Happy

posted : 2005.Nov.24 @ 4.18am
air that drop is amazing.... Shocked Nori great saturation and colours i love the composition of the 2nd shot. Z the flash on that last one actually adds something to the image, makes it much more graphical. It's a bit hard, but it has an interesting effect. just a few... (images broke)

posted : 2005.Nov.26 @ 10.12pm
Mark, love the third frame. Something about the subtle coaxing out of the shadows.

Regarding my last post - there is something annoying about using the flash on my POS Nikon
digital camera. It has the effect of separating the foreground subject like a cardboard cutout and
casting a sharp drop shadow outline around it. I haven't conciously experimented with the
sharpness settings yet, not sure it will make much difference anyway. In that last image I
inadvertently enhanced that effect by PS'ing an overlay and hue/sat adjust on it, however it was the
shapes in the photo I was after.

This next image was a disappointing overexposed image that with a slight curves and hue/sat adjust something wonderful happened, or at least I think so.


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