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posted : 2005.Feb.06 @ 11.44pm
Rychard and I haven't made anything in a while so when he came down here
today to install Logic on my machine we decided to get audial. The intent
was to have something to post by the time he left for home. Finished or not
it feels good to have produced again and to have worked together.

This piece was influenced by Robot Collision and the night photography of
Mark Scholey. It took four hours to manifest, using it as a test case to learn
some Logic. Amazing program. Now would be a good time for headphones...


>> Beneath Saharan Stars

posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 12.31am
Excellent soundscape indeed.

I cannot help but envision a moonlit environment in which one would experience an enveloping sensation of comfort in timeless space. The projected frequencies are choice.

posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 12.46am
sounds great!
hooray for rychard the magical fairy of logic deliveries.
air, may the audial forum be laden with your new logic creations.

Robot Collision
is doing some wonderful things
it got my gears turning as well
ambience and soundscapes to the fora it brings
wont be long til i post one myself

posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 7.55am
very space driven and ambient. loved subcurrents and flow of the piece. sometimes i think that making pieces like these is way harder than any fast beat tunes. more of that kind of practice and we shall have an ALBUM Cool
thanx from D.

posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 9.49am
Damn, Air, this rocks. I'm flattered. Beer Toast

posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 10.30am
I Pulsing Love this Track
air- you've always shown your skills with your ambient live mix's
I guess it was only a matter of time until you dropped the knowledge with your own sounds
I love the blippy beat that evolves in the last moments of this track.
You and supersoundmaker rychard really inspired me, and markscholey's
visuals are perfect.


posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 10.33am
Very cool stuff. I like the image too. Logic seems like the tool to get. Have you ever worked with Acid? Tully was showing me stuff he'd done a while ago in Acid, and it was pretty versitile.


posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 8.01pm
This is very good. It's so nice to hear you guys back in action.
The image is excellent as well. Props Cheers

posted : 2005.Feb.18 @ 1.52pm
Its great to hear you guys working together again. This is a very solid piece.

.....that Scholey guy is ok with a camera too Very Happy

posted : 2006.Mar.14 @ 5.20pm
droney organiks

musik one can safely engage
deep entheogenic worlds with

thanks for letting us inside your brains Wink



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