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posted : 2005.Feb.05 @ 2.41am
~ Greetings all you multi-trillionare cellular awareness projectors,
Come here to share your original techniques and experiences in the ancient art of tripping yourself out,
also known in some circles as Tantra.

With Water

? of what is a jellyfish afraid ?

I. Have a nice long bath. Pour in a heaping cup of natural salts, and fully relax your muscles and bones. After ~30 minutes in the tub, pull the drain, and remain lying in the tub. Close your eyes and visualize that you are in a womb and are about to be reborn. Full relax, and feel the water as it flows off your skin and listen as it pours down the drain. Fully relax for a minute or two once all the water has drained, and then slowly stand up. Forget where you are for a while, and re-discover your surroundings.

II. Enter into the shallow end of a pool & swim to the deep end.

a) Hold in a deep breath, and totally relax your body. Keep your face just above the water, and imagine the rest of your body in dangling from it.

b) Tread water in one place for about ~30 seconds, breathing deeply. Then fully exhale the breath, and totally surrender to the body of water. Slowly sink to the very bottom of the pool like the eternal Titanic, until you're fully collapsed and motionless. Remain suspended in this state for as long as comfortable, and listen closely.

III. Go out to the end of a dock on the ocean or a lake in the middle of the night. Remove all your clothes, and dive off the end of a dock. Practice Tai Chi with your head floating under about 2 feet of water.

posted : 2005.Feb.06 @ 7.10pm

When going to sleep

Use breathing techniques to fully relax your body until it is at the point of being unpercievable. Experiment with changing the force of gravity on your body to achieve the sensation that you have your feet in the air, rotated 78 degrees counterclockwise, with one arm in a cast of lead, and your back pointing upwards to the sky. The spine is straight in this position.

Once this is attained, throw this form down a mental flight of spiralling golden staircases while keeping the same perfectly rigid form.

1.) Everytime your legs come in contact with the stairs, imagine an elephant belching methane.
2.) Everytime your castless arm come in contact with the stairs, your body flashes neon green for one half second.
3.) Everytime your casted arm comes in contact with the stairs, 5 rodents with bike-gang hemlets and velvet wristbands sweat out of the armpit of this arm and then de-materialize once they pop off of the skin/hair.
4.) Everytime your chest touches the stairs, visualise Tony Hawk incorrectly doing a kickflip and eating shit into a suddenly appearing plastic ballpit.
5.) Everytime your back/bottom touches the stairs, your body flashes a somber navyblue that for some impercievable reason that cannot be quanitifed by homo sapiens, frightens the living daylights out of you, for approximately 4 seconds. If you hit your castless arm within these 4 seconds, the neon green flash becomes a striped effect overlaying the blue.
6.) If your head touches the stairs, your hair turns into spaghetinni noodles that become progressively softer and softer in texture each subsequent hit. When finally overcooked, the spaghetti squashes on the stairs and is left behind. The bits left behind are eaten by 4 foot black ants with polyester wings.
7.) And if you particularily happen to hit your nose, you are thrust back to the top of the stairs, reset to your initial state from whence you started.


Do this, and I guarantee, you'll already be convinced you're asleep. Laughing

posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 11.35pm
Everyone try this out right now.

Room Flip Folding

Quick! Look at the nearest top corner of your wall where 3 surfaces converge. Convince yourself over the period of at least 2 minutes that you are looking at the exterior point of a cube that is pointing at you and extends in the other direction. Then walk on the cube(still holding this image), and visualize yourself walking up to the back of your head. Yank on your hair really forcefully. See if your head moves. DO NOT STOP until you achieve bonified movement.

posted : 2005.Feb.14 @ 5.37pm
One technique I have used in the past is to lie on my back, and I gradually convince myself I am lying the other way. From there, well, anything goes I suppose Cool Twisted Evil

Standing up while sitting is a nice one too. I feel my legs going through the chair and down beneath the floor. It's a great observation position.

What's more challenging for me at this point is to visualize objects/space clearly...I've had some good moments in my imagination lately though.

Anson, your bath tub trick sounds promising! I'm gonna scrub the tub and try that one out

posted : 2005.Sep.15 @ 3.29pm
try walking to the horizon. its one of my favorites. your only goal being that mystical place where the world aparently ends, and eternity begins.

posted : 2005.Oct.03 @ 2.59pm
try walking towards the horizon with your eyes unfocused, looking through everything you think you see, you'll soon see behind it (this works best in a field or desert or somewhere where you're not likely to trip on something in the first few minutes while you're still getting the hang of it Wink )
it's a good mediation for opening your third eye and using it.


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