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posted : 2005.Feb.23 @ 12.11pm
It's part of a filter pack called Eye Candy 4000.
The filter is called swirl.

posted : 2005.Mar.24 @ 12.20pm
Super inspired by what I'm seeing here. I'll def. be tagging in at sometime and can't wait to drop some of my paintings on you kids for remixage.

keep it surreal
st. even

posted : 2005.Mar.27 @ 3.19pm
Here's one of my recent paintings as promised. Looking forward to the remixes...

>> Full Size JPEG <<


posted : 2005.Mar.27 @ 11.18pm
Nice piece !

>> Full Size JPEG <<

posted : 2005.Mar.28 @ 6.54pm
this peice is really, really amazing St.Even,
what a dream to have it in the chamber Pray

>> Layered PSD <<

posted : 2005.Mar.29 @ 12.29am
Fully mutually inspired melo... Nice work by Rychard too! A wicked spacial galaxies kind of feel to it. I'm gonna have to ration my 'podtime' soon cause there's way to many other things on the go right now. Here's a bounce back tho...

Looks kinda like a tarot card for some psychedelic deck.

byte me with your email if you want the full...


posted : 2005.Mar.29 @ 7.38pm
Here's my Easter take on the peice.
*click on it to see it taken one step to far.

If you need PSD byte me.

posted : 2005.May.30 @ 2.52pm
In my search for a comfortable place from which to put my thought to flight, in a nurturing (however chaotic) environ, where I can watch these thoughts take their own form and evolve, I stumble into the Pod. The collective entity that exists here is a powerful creative nexus, that with a little focus and a nudge, the embodiment of a fledgling awareness can evolve into a legible character in the alphabet of the universal language. It is with this in mind that I post my first concept sketch, inspired by this thread, as a gratitude to those who make this possibility a reality. - Z.

Lets see if this link will get you to the .psd version...

posted : 2005.May.30 @ 10.15pm

Here I am drunk in a hotel room in Pismo Beach Cali.

I absolutely love, mind you, LOVE the people starburst idea. Take it further,... dendritic layers of life force eminating from the starburst that is the pod.

Very cool. byte me for some web space... I have plenty.


posted : 2005.Jun.04 @ 9.38pm
I added a little more atmosphere to the original image and I updated the previous post to include the .psd if anyone wants to kick it around... - Z.

posted : 2005.Jun.05 @ 12.10am
ยป - Z., I agree with Mr. Fog.
The collective figures making a flower with their
minds overlapping in the center is too dope. TL, nice.

posted : 2005.Jun.05 @ 2.00am
very yummy! almost comics style - line art and colours and very beautiful in it's simplicity... Nice, TL Applause

posted : 2005.Jun.05 @ 6.51am
so i tried going into this, but it isnt as cool as i thought it would be

i went a little overboard with the lines and its lost its beautiful simplicity
(i thought id post it anyway just because i've been drawing on it for the past hour)


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