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posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 4.47pm
horizontally reading tone sequencer (see also:clocksong).

download for OSX
hear a sample

embrace the dot within

feel free to post screenshots
of your compositions
or any ideas you would like to share.

the top 2 tones are quite high
the lowest one is inaudible without a subwoofer.

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 11.37pm
this is so dope! Clocksong as well, would that always change or would it repeat every 24 hours?
Do you have other patches like this?

posted : 2005.Feb.02 @ 2.41pm
I had a great time with this!
i much enjoyed speeding things up and laying out some very repetitive forms..


posted : 2005.Feb.02 @ 11.46pm
thanks, im glad you guys like it.

i enjoy the meditative qualities qualities of 2000 or slower
and making chords of 3 or 4.

melo, i dont have any other patches like these 2.
clocksong actually repeats every 12 hrs.
i recently realized that it takes exactly one minute
to do once cycle across the clock. Shocked

posted : 2005.May.02 @ 2.31am
a fun toolkit for making and sequencing FM (frequency modulation) sounds.

download for OSX
hear a sample

a new dot is born.

feel free to post sound clips
drumkit Mtrx files

> owlyowly.mp3
> screenshot (beta)

posted : 2005.May.04 @ 11.40am
all of you people with macs should really try this out... unfortunately i am not one of them Sad

posted : 2005.May.04 @ 12.22pm
I agree.... sniff. It looks and sounds cool though. What language do you program in?

posted : 2005.May.05 @ 1.30am
i agree too! Laughing

i will look into working something out for PC compatibility.
until then i will be sure to include more audio examples.

everything is made with Max/MSP:
a visual object-oriented programming environment for musical interfaces
aka: "music programming legos."

posted : 2005.May.05 @ 9.38am
Audio and Legos are two of my favorite things!
I've heard of max MSP... Very powerful. Aphex Twin uses it heavily. Is it tough to learn?

posted : 2005.May.06 @ 6.52am
i dont think it is too difficult to learn. the tutorial and all the help files have fully interactive and editable examples. so once the fundamentals of the environment are understood, learning anything else is as simple as playing with the help file.

posted : 2005.May.07 @ 4.44pm
this is the work of an artist friend of mine using FMDrumkit.
i helped him export the sounds and sequence them in Reason.

-- Daniel's Mini Mix .__

he's an awesome artist but unfortunately does not own a working computer or have any of his work online.

posted : 2005.May.07 @ 5.02pm

posted : 2005.May.25 @ 12.43am
Laser Controller:
hand and light interaction.

hear it. laser_clip.mp3

fellow podling MikeB stumbled across a picture on thenimoys' website and wanted more info on it.

in short, it's a midi controller using laser pointers. crossing a laser's stream triggers a tone.

in not-short,
The Controller:
is made up of laser pointers and photo sensors. it is programmed with two BX-24 basic stamp chips and sends MIDI. crossing a laser's stream triggers a tone. this was my first experiment with a hardware controller. it is no longer in commission because the photo sensors were too inconsistent with changing ambient light and i also needed to reprogram the chips for a different controller. many thanks to TL for helping with all the drilling and structural planning.

The Patch:
is the reworking of a max/msp example entitled "60hz meditation" in which you change the sliding bars (blue) on the left as each one controls a different pitch. the higher the bar, the higher the volume. the controller is setup so each laser controls a different sliding bar and the volume increases the longer a laser is crossed.

you can kind of see this on my monitor in the background--

Mike B, it shouldn't be too far off into the future from circuit bending. Very Happy



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