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posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 12.45am
the satisfying scent of burning sulphur cuts the air,
and with every gentle move i make
my heap of coconut bubbles is reduced to whisps of translucent white
swirling, as if on command, above my elusive limbs.
settling my breathing, the world begins to move as one.
a giant placid mass
swaying in unison with an unheard rythym,
living off my oxygen.
its subdued lapping warmly disturbs my silence.
the shadow of my lips casts
undetectable sweets on the wall,
and past the subtle light of my only candle
vibrations of accidental infractures
travel through greentea tinted water
to reflect on the porcelain tub....
i squeeze my breasts now as i slip into my robe
in envy of their suppleness,
and with a glance in the mirror and a muted sigh
i exit the room;
leaving behind me slight traces of heat frosted windows
and bubbly puddles on black, glassy tile...


posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 6.47am
Painterly wordsmithing, Fleshie.
Delightfully abstract in places and full of great imagery.
I love baths. I can get lots of good thinking, sketching and healing
from a good soak. In 1988 I wrote about a bath I took so I thought
I would post it here. I must confess after reading your piece my old
effort seems rather clunky and literal.

Curls of stream take flight off a
Glistening hand as it raises in front of
A distant glow to entertain its owner
Sitting in a warm churning liquid
In a tub of fine porcelain
I watch as an ever-flowing crystalline shaft
Plunges into the water breathing hot new life
A candle on an alter of richly color marble sends
Its luminous gift through a thick vail of mist,
Beckoning to me like a playful faerie as it flickers
On the end of a fragrant stick
Resting in a wooden cradle
A fine point of orange glows
Smoke from this fiery gem fills my head
With the euphoric scents of another world
The heavy air carries the sounds of
Mysterious voices wrapped in haunting music
Music that turns the swirling trailers of steam into beasts of old
I watch contentedly as the soaring dragons
Circle high above and the walls fade away
Sinking deeper into this magical pool I cannot help but smile


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