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posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 1.51pm
It has come clear to me in resent visions that a new above ground is in formation. Much of the glow (as i'm comming to see it) will communicate through our dreams. So i now make the suggestion that we post our dreams here so that we can get a good overview of what kind of visions we are gathering as a collective. The ness is waiting for our active participation. As soon as we show intrest in the collectives advances the visions will increase.

It's time that the poeple take action, for this is the centuries window.

Dream: "Wake up Shawnathin!!!"

"Attention would all passsenegers gers gers gers p-p-p-please proceed to the ejection receptacles."

~ Shit I'm late, if only i could figure out this escalator system. It doesn't seem to go up or down. This building is beautiful. All the surfaces are a darkly stained green, brown, and black wood. It's all soo very organic, like it was grown by plants, yet very Victorian feeling. Oh no! I've dropped my bag! i didn't know i was carrying one, in fact, i have three now. Ahh theres an escalator that goes up! ~

Girl with dreads wearing bright orange and yellow clothing:
"Hey!!! wow i haven't...oh I'm sorry i thought you were somewhere else."

Me: "No, I'm right here"

Girl: "Are you?"

Wow, I've been on this thing for a while, whoa. A lady approaches from the opposite direction wearing a dress. It's made with the same flower patterned fabric thats right beside my bed. Funny, i thought i was sleeping


Wake up #1 Very angry Italian man yelling into his cell phone.

Response: "I've been here before. Where did the escalator go? Wait this is real. Hes doing it again, is this cell phone yelling thing a ritual."

*Fade back to sleep.*

Pop the top and drink your drop, we'll never go home.

An elderly couple grins at me wildly.

Me: "Excuse me, may i ask, wheres the coherence?"

Couple: "Don't you need to go to the bathroom?"

Now i really need to pee, shit, the train leaves soon. I can tell by the various people panicking around me. I must find a bathroom as i don't think there is anywhere to go on board. I find that I've already gone up the escalator and i have to repel down the side of the wall. I have no rope, so i jump. I don't fall, but the ground comes to me and as i land it sez "phlooom" nice.

I find the bathroom and enter. Wow. Beautiful architecture. Carrying on the same colour scheme as the rest of the building, with toilets and urinals everywhere. All shapes, some on step up levels. And some in little pods. I find an empty pod with 3 urinals in it.

I climb in, and it's very spacious. There are two Mexican boys wearing ponchos inside. Lighting up a massive joint.

Me: "How cliche, look at you guys."

The boys look at me and i realize that they have massive faces, draped in huge grins.
One of the boys takes a big hoot, looks at me and laughs as he blows smoke at me at an intense speed. I fall right over from the force.

They laugh and i suddenly find that I'm totally gone, baked out of my mind. Yet it's clear enough that I keep my composure.

I look at them and their facial features are moving around, eyes and mouths unsure of where to go.

Me: "Excuse me, can't your lips make up their mind?"

Boys: "Let us never forget that the human race with technology is like a alcoholic with a barrel of wine."

Whoa, i gotta go, Everything is rotating, one moment I'm walking on the ground, the next I'm on the walls and ceiling. I find my way out and end up in the train line up/ The building is curving in on it's self so that those who are late coming in the front doors end up instantly at the ticket lineup.

I get boarded and sit in my seat. The seat molds to my body and tells me all the safety information. An open flower comes down from the ceiling and my head is engulfed in a holographic display of some kind. I can now see what the train sees.

We are on a grass path, thats curved up on each side by equally grassy hills. Various colorful flowers and trees dot the landscape.

The train takes off with a smooth shift. It begins to accelerate very very very quickly. So fast that it's clearly not going to make the first corner. Faster and faster it hums, I'm really scared, and tripping out from my bathroom ordeal. We hit the first corner and the train flips up side down and curves like a giant dragon. Spinning around several times until taking it's upright position again. Then reality starts to break down. I encounter several creatures and settings. I can't even begin to describe them. But they appear as intense art pieces that it is suggested i create. Beautiful, yet horrid. Visions of nature being mutilated by technology and neglect. An extreme lack of care and love is represented in various ways through out the shifting scenes.

Then it all comes to a close, my train arrives and everything normalizes.

A credit rolls up that shows.


And i wake up.

It's happening again.

This is the third wave that we are to know.

The coming of the aboveground.

Natures new glow.

posted : 2005.Jan.29 @ 6.18pm
The concept of the Aboveground is very appealing. Underground and all of its connotations doesn't have the power or vibe necessary to manifest a global paradigm shift. I would much rather be part of an Aboveground movement. We should register the domain.

I do not remember many of the dreams I supposedly have every night. When I do it is usually because they are so crazy they wake me up. They are almost always bad nightmare type situations in which I am in peril or things are just generally messed up. The other night I was being hunted by a giant rusty iron golem that was about this size. It was casing me through and abandon part of some wrecked urban ruins. When it got to the junk yard it was hurling steel 50 gallon drums and old cars at me from a half mile away.

On a happier note my friend Xavi sent me this dream slice in an emal earlier this week.

"You were in my dream last night. This is so podular its silly... We were hanging out with a bunch of peeps in this cuddle puddle situation, and outside these huge windows were grassy pastures and cloud puffed skies... We all looked in amazement as a set of clouds rolled by that were in the shapes of dragonflies and lizards and butterflies... You were giggling as we realized that You had photoshoped the actual clouds outside for our enjoyment. You did this from your magic laptop. It was quite delightful."

posted : 2005.Jan.29 @ 7.30pm
~ It is wonderful to peer into the Shawnathin's dreamspace.
~ Awesome Xavi dream, Air. It would make an excellent short, indeed.

Here are some excerpts from an extended dream sequence:

Remember, you're free

The sun has set, though a light fog remains in the street. The sky emits a blue gradient from the horizon visible above the buildings towering above us. Damp valley energy overtakes the collective consciousness, as night life sets in.

Standing at an intersection next to two young women dressed in black, I gaze mindfully towards two large video screens, one mounted on the building across the road on the right side, and the other larger screen mounted 30 feet above the street, displaying slowly moving advertisements.

The street lights are very dark, a sort of grey dirt texture saturates the building walls with black outlines, giving rise to a damp oily atmosphere. The video screen nearest me pulses with ambient imagery. A closeup shot of a thin women's hips slowly rotates, back lit with faded red light, highlighting the curves of her form. Slowly the shot moves downwards revealing a lower perspective of a clitoris penetrating her wide vaginal lips.

Slowly rotating on the right quarter of the screen, this vulva mounted below a finely carved pelvic region is postured facing in towards the center of the screen, back lit with a deep carnal red.

Directly facing the left half of the screen, another set of bald genitalia lit from beneath with blue light accentuates the upper fold of the vulva's lips. Obscuring the clitoris, a black cane slowly strokes up and down held by two elegant hands. Brand names and logos slowly fade in and out, sliding through the space between the two bodies.

The bodies move off opposite sides of the screen, as an ambient blue shot of a woman's curvy back slowly tilts downwards, revealing her lower legs are bent parallel to her thighs, kneeling with her legs wide spreading her buttocks wide open. Closer yet, it moves down through the crack as if it were a valley. Wet vaginal folds attached to the upper thigh peel back layers of skin wide open.

The shot moves in closer, showing the tissue's fine texture, which is suddenly penetrated by a shiny black cane by a set of hands, twisting and rotating the cane uncomfortably in the vagina's canal, stretching the tearing the sensitive tissues.

Suddenly I am distracted by flashing upon the screen opposite the intersection, zooming out from inside a warmly lit vagina mounted on the pelvis of a woman in a similar posture- her clean face is visible hanging between her widely split legs. With eyes closed and an expression of unsatisfaction, she carnally rolls her hips back and forth, her vagina dripping with reproductive essences.

From the top of the screen, a host of metallic claws, hands and skewers quickly descends upon the sensitive young lady. First, one sharp skewer jabs deeply into her genital canal, immediately causing blood to gush downwards, dripping off between her legs. Then from the right side of the screen, a sharp metallic hand insensitively grabs hold of one lip of her vulva, and forcefully pulling it backwards, tears the quadricep muscle right off of her right leg, and then leaves it hanging there bleeding, as various blades and skewers carve deeper into her body.

Two grabbers move in and forcefully pulling her legs apart, until her whole body is torn into two pieces, with the blue nervous system hanging out the bottom, until it comes to the brain, over which a liquid pours from off the top of screen bubbling on contact with the brain, it rolls off dissolving the entire brain which then explodes.

"Eat Supermax for extreme stimulation. We bet you can't handle it!"

An array of vulvas back lit with in deep carnal red face others on the left backlit with a desaturated blue, continue to create an erotic corporate environment.

Mildly shocked, I contemplate whether the imagery was computer generated, then turn to one of the girls standing next to me dressed all in black, wearing a long overcoat.

"You see, this is a perfect reflection of this collective's internal state. It perfectly reflects on these video screens."

"How is that?" The woman on the left asks me, as of crowds march past us on the sidewalk, hardly noticing the display around them..

"It reflects the suffering of these people on so many levels. Their hearts are just like that womans vagina. Every time it is opened, it is bombarded by a host of mechanical devices attempting to exploit them for some form of profit. So they keep them closed, and maintain a deep ignorance to protect themselves from the dangers of their environment."

"Interesting." says the woman on my right, who gazes back up to the surrounding display.

I turn left down the sidewalk away from the video screens, against the crowd's flow. Walking ~50 feet, I come upon a man named Steele sitting on the right side of his girlfriend, on a bus-stop bench directly in front of the road, across from some lower buildings. I have a seat beside him, then suddenly four police officers break out from the thick crowd, each one grabbing him by a limb so that he is sprawled out, held 2 feet above the ground. His girlfriend yells to let him go, but Steele himself does not resist. Another officer walks towards them across the road through moderate traffic, and pulls out a scroll then begins reading it to Steele, anxiously listening.

"You have the right to listen to me. You are guilty of blasting an official officer with one singular pellet of your shotgun, and causing minor chaos in the ritualistically conditioned pattern of our good streets. You shall be fined $111." Reads the cop, who then proceeds tear a ticket from his book, and hands it to Steele, who looks partially upset.

I walk up the sidewalk, gazing into dark shop windows, then cross street, and enter a square blue one story building, with a sign that says something about Ayurvedia.

A young woman in her early twenties is standing in the middle of the room. She comfortably approaches me, and looks into me with deep catlike eyes pulsing blue and green. Her face glows a beautiful dark spotted complexion.

I immediately identify her as my Anima, and stand directly facing her like a reflection. She radiates me with energy. I embrace it and return it through the crown chakra.

Captured, I ask "Are you Arielle?"

A warm smile sweeps over her face, "No, but I am a mermaid."

She comes close to me, and moves my hands with hers so that my index fingers are touching her third eye. Pulsing intensely, I close my eyes as she holds my rib cage with her palms , touching my heart with her thumbs, I feel intense electrical energy flowing through my fingers and into my brain. I close my eyes and receive a myriad of beautiful imagery projecting through her subtle systems.

Then she moves my hands onto her shoulders, and she touches my third eye with her index fingers and whispers inaudible essence towards me.

I send kundalini surging up through my heart and into my third eye, it flows through her fingers. Eyelids closed, though looking through them with clairvoyance, I visualize the energy flowing in one intense pulse.

A dialogue box pops up in my astral vision

Continue uncontrolled energy transfer?
| No | Yes |

I quickly select No, and bring the current under control, then open my eyes. She opens her eyes, and whispers to me.

"Now you are free."

My whole being is energized, as more kundalini rockets up my spine. I immediately realize that it is a dream and wish to fly.

She steps back and motions towards a desk behind her with a cash register on it, where there is an older lady writing an invoice. She slides it across the desk, as Anima stands facing me behind the desk on the right of the woman.

I look down at the invoice, it reads Little Mermaids Ayurvedic Healing Services. Some blue boxes in the form of a graph, and then $1000.

"One thousand dollars?" I calmly ask.

"Yes, one thousand dollars." she replies.

"What is that for?"

"We healed you."

"But it is she who healed me. Why does it cost one thousand dollars?" I continue, "She doesn't get much of it does she? I suppose you have to pay for this building, which is expensive, and then what little i left you two will get."

No reply. I gaze with confusion into the ladies eyes, wondering how I'll ever get out of this place without producing the money.

The mermaid smiles at me, and send me an idea with her mind. "Remember, you're free."

I take a blank piece of paper out of my pocket and pretend it's a check, handwriting onto the paper: 'Pay to the order of Little Mermaids' then on th next line, 'One thousand dollars.'

I slide it onto the desk, they smile and thank me sending me a positive vibration.

Swingging open the doors as if they were a child's toys, I run outside, immediately spinning around counterclockwise, and thrusting my body 20 or so feet into the air.

Hey look.. I am free.

posted : 2005.Jan.30 @ 3.25am
Another mystical dream chunk:

In a Fractalus Dreamstate

A tiny sun is setting in the north east, just above a mountain into a smokey haze- I follow it into the distant mind horizon.

Suddenly I'm surrounded by a pod of west coastal hippies, engaged in some form of ritualistic ceremony, by a beach surrounded by lush mountains.

I'm wearing a blue bandana, and my anima Arielle has a flat rock tied to now longer hair, and she's swinging it around hitting people. I stand to her right side. She hits two of her friends with it, by swiging her head around, then me. She looks up to speak to sombody directing the ritual, then repeats the rock swinging motion, not managing to hit me this time around, instead other friends behind her by 'accident', somehow symbolizes acceptance of peers.

Then my bandana comes undone, I try to rety it, but there are two strings on each side and I am fumbling it up despite clarvoyant vision of it behind my head. I lean over towards my anima, pointing at the back of my head, and she kindly ties it together... we talk, and it shortly disappears, revealing my flaming hair.

My attention fixed on Arielle, Lukas Wykpis approaches me, verily drunk on the eternal ectasy. He is glowing turquoise, and comes to tell me about it, but then realizes I'm filled with it to, so walks away smiling and laughing, as we cruise on some sort of graduation boat. Everybody is talking about how nice it is to graduate. Arielle and I lay facing eachother directly, heads supported by our elbows on a raised imbutment in the boat, which transforms into an amphibeous machine, as we cruise down a windy highway right by a rocky ocean.

Just staring into her lovely wide enlightened eyes, glowing with eternal ectasy, she speaks.

"All the conditioned patterns that have overtaken your mind are transcended when you graduate. You no longer have to conform to conditioned patterns of parents, authority, etc."

Suddenly I'm struck by a slight mental reflection of submitting to Jesus, which is embraced as unconditioned submission to the eternal essence.

Then the boat drives off the highway and into the water, surrounded by intense liquid fountain waterfall fractals. I express the beauty of the fractals with words, and we laugh about the word fractal and how infinite it is, and if cognized appropriately reflects the nature of the universe.

Then looking down off the boat through the clear shallow water, so many streams of water shoot horizontally in highly detailed patterns. Refracted light patterns shimmer upon the rocky facets of coral. Some streams of water above and below the water are being emitted by spinning sea shells, mounted on stone pillars.

All this is cognized as the creation of a mind which has seized spontaneous control of itself to project awareness through unconditioned imagination, unbound by the painstaking evolution to manifest each creation. The spectacle is immediately breathtaking.

I stare back into her eyes with a laced gaze, telling how some of them are spinning. She is like "really?" and I explain to her the reality of them, and how incredible it is. We are both impressed, totally hypmotized by eachother's faces. Just enjoying eternal bliss, staring into the infinitude of our eyes, unpenetrated by carnal volitions. Everything is perfect for a few moments, and then I wake up mumbling:

"It's my karma... my volition. This is my karma."

Then recall the long expressive email I wrote to a Vaughne fellow, seeking my enlightenment to enter the brotherhood of man.

posted : 2005.Jan.30 @ 10.46am

... pssst. click it.

posted : 2005.Jan.30 @ 1.10pm
He is absolutley my favorite character in this movie. I love this scene!

posted : 2005.Jan.30 @ 5.54pm
first I should explain, that this wasn't a sleeping lucid dream,
but an awake, controlled hallucination...long read but trippA.

Everything coming together.

(perhaps my last weekend on the sunshine coast?)

holy god.

I was using the computer when suddenly I hear voices say to
me: "you are a magikal being and you know it, use your
magick wisely and with good intentions. your good intentions
are what have brought you to this level". I concurred and
started to think...


tonight was an intentional dream into the depths of my mind.
intentions being to continue building upon the twin tower in
my already existing castle, dedicated to my beautiful and
very deserving soul siStar Heather Rae.

these were the 6 trax played on repeat & cranked for this very
magikal exerience:

Clint Mansell -Summer Overture (Requiem for a Dream soundtrack)

Anahata - Vishnu - doktor J remix
Anahata - Shakti
Anahata - Prauna
Shulman - The Unexpected Visitor (anahata remix -fresh bouncedown from cubase!)
the Herbalizer - who's the realist?


I thought of her and she jumped on my back, and before we knew it we
were floating up the tower...rainbow foggy inside? yes please. the
Client Mansell track played loud ast we floated up - totally fun, but
also dead serious.

when we arrived near the top of the tower, we entered through a large
circular hole in the floor that sealed itself as we floated above it.

there were some windows with sky and high ceilings, but not much else.
we collectivly decided alot of thingz - I could see her but mostly it
was not face on, she would usually be behind/beside me with our minds
fully in synK.

this large circular room we were in was originally intended to be a dance
studio of some kind...I take heathers hands and show her we can do
pro-longed backflips with the low gravity (fully adjustable) - - herbalizer-
who's the realist comes on and we start dancing in the anti-gravity - hella fun!

we soon decided on the dance floor...since we no longer needed to actually step
on it much, we decided on illuminated solid mirror...that totally gives this
place some character...we dance in the air some more looking down looking
at ourselvez.- trippy!

we dance some more - I was finding it somewhat awkward dancing with someone
else - but it suddenly got easier once I let Heather (the master) take the
lead...somewhat martial artistic, but mostly undescribable and hella fun.

the Vishnu track comes on and the during the intro we decided on backlit
spectrum sweeping rainbow walls (with water/sparkles/starry/bubble stuff
floating inside that pulsated with the bass of whatever music is on)-
-- full 360 y0 ---the color movement reacts to vibezZz even...
let's not forget the high powered with panning surround sound with
ample subbasS - groOvey baby.


we next decided to build this massive chandelier in the middle of the
room...quite big made out of rainbowed/crystal/light material - we
decided to carve into it the naked bodies/faces of our previous loverz,
some of who we had left behind but we still totally love. it was beautiful

(the Anahata - Prauna track came on (which contains the amazing,healing
voice of my other angelic friend whitespiderblack comes on)...
I was carving out Christinas face/long hair and totally started crying and I
cried hard for a long time) I later looked up and saw Heather also crying
and we hugged each other for what felt like half an hour, and it was by far
the best hug I have ever had. we both cried the whole time,totally indescribably

the chandelier is quite something I must say, which we illuminated
and raised about 50 ft as we finshed our awesome hug. (Anahata - Shakti
playing) wow!


the new chandelier illumated the whole room with fractally rainbow light...
we smiled and danced in the air some more - aerobatic and very stylin ...
we were bothing gazing out the window at one point and I grinned and said
"look there's my room, you should come chill sometime, it's even trippier.
ha." x)

then something weird happened...we were looking at each other, and before
I knew it I got sucked into the corner of the room like a vaccum, into
this weird spastically moving black cloud thing that I soon figured out
was not friendly - I thought I was drowning...I could see Heather up
looking down at me, but couldn't communicate... but she didn't seem to
understand what was happening...(and neither did I) this was pretty unexpected
and I was scared for what seemed like my life when I was finally able to break
free and float up amd over to the window again, we re-grouped on the other side of
the room and we were very aware of that corner of the room. I had no control
over it...I could not warp it into something else - which alarmed me even further.

we didn't know what to we shifted our focus to one spot (north?)
and started constructing this alter type of thing made out of crystalline
flowers in which our close kin could communicate with us through and observe
the tower through...(Shaunacy,sQuiky,Shelby,Catrina were some I remember
looking through right away - smiling/amused)..

we were still very much aware and concerned about the dark thing in the
corner (I guess some circular towers have corners)...
as we were constructing the flower alter and being comforted by good
vibez...out of no where Luke Brown appears beside me and is looking
at the alter grinning. We stand up and welcome him and suggest that
he alter to the alter in whatever he wishes - and he immediatly goes to
work...during which point I can't really look at what he's doing,
all my sense are fUCt while he does whatever it is
he's doing...all I could see was cha0s. after he is done
he steps back and observes it for a few seconds grinning again,
then disappears into that which he came... after he left
we looked at what I can only describe as the bottom flower of his
"Baphomet" ( ) image only x 2 - like a
fully enclosed egg like structure made of the same flower pedals
- a bit bigger than a human. It's glowing from the inside and
seems alive. all bad energies were now gone. wow again!

what a vibe change.

we decide to make a basin at the bottom of the alter and filled
it with circulating cool water reflecting the amazing/intracate flowers.
we drink some of the water, and it is good.

I find myself looking up at Luke's very mysterious flower/egg.
I decided to float through it and look inside, which is where I realize
that it has very intricate illuminated symbolz lining the walls
of it which I didn't recognize and the inside seemed to be molded
for 2 people to sit in a trantric position. soon after I realized
that I floated back out and over to Heather who was still adding
onto the alter and gave her a hug and decided to end the trip there.


did this really happen? yes.
too bad the english language is kind of a joke when it comes to
describing divine atmospheres such as this.

welcome to my mind and my heart misS rae.
a million bowz of respeKt and infinate rainbowed love,

dr. J

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 7.24am

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 8.46am
I just woke up...

Last night in my dreaming
there was a point where I was just sitting there
staring at the floor. It felt sort of odd. Then I realized
it was a dream floor. I was completely lucid. I got excited
by the possibilities of what I would be able to do, stood up and
began to run. *Poof* Next thing I know I was awake (though I'm
pretty sure there was more non lucid dreaming in between).

That hadn't happened to me in a long time.
I have no doubt it was because this thread has
brought about more intentional thinking with regards
to dreaming. Next time instead of running I will fly or teleport Very Happy

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 1.45pm
Last night I walked on the ocean in my dream. The only reason this was possible was because so many volcanic eruptions had taken place recently that the entire ocean has become stone and sand because of lava flowing into the sea. There were interlocking patterns adorning the top of the stone which resembled cross-thatched diamonds that spiraled into fractals and other unrecognizable forms. This entire reality was taking place in an abandoned warehouse which also housed what seemed to be a hillside of Los Angeles with the normal cascade of bright flashy lights sprinkling the horizon. I could feel these through the soles of my feet, but percieved then as colored light eminating through the skin of my legs, travelling up on their way to my brain. I was walking barefoot, and at times came across the feeling of freshly wet sand that squished between my toes. As I navigated around the pillars that extended from the roof(about no more than 10 feet high from my head) and into the stone/metal ground, I noticed that Shawn Schmidt was trapped up to his waist in one of what he was adamantly referring to as "sinkholes". I took his advice to be cautious and walked back to stable ground when suddenly I was thrust onto the top of this massive skyscraper in the middle of a futuristic downtown Vancouver which had vegetation infused into the building structures in the most irrationally ornate fashion. A sudden compadre that I could not see exclaimed to me "This is what happens when professional football looses its affect on the dominant social structure and moral values of middle-aged American males."

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 1.53pm
Awesome, Poib.
It makes a great intercerebral short.
Thanks for bringing that one back with you.

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 2.49pm
yes yes that was awesome.
I like that phrase air "bringing that one back"
Air, Next time, instead of running, try spinning. It's been known to work.

last night I had the most intense dreams but when I woke up it was amazing at how quickly the memory disintegrated, I could literally watch as the time line fell apart, trying to grasp on to one section, having to let go of another. There are exercises for this though. I need to get back in the rhythm.

One thing stands out from last night, something unique in my adventures as an Oneironaut.
Here is the setting:
I was observing 2 dream characters having a discussion,
The first dream character says to the other:
"what is that you like to do, what do you do for a living?"
The second dream character pauses, then turns to me and says:
(keep in mind my role in this situation was the observer, I was not present in the scene)
"I don't know... Casey, you're in charge, what do I like to do?"

At this point I became lucid but only long enough to wake up. This happens more times that not upon realizing I'm dreaming. Like I said I need to get back into the rhythm.

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 2.51pm


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