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posted : 2004.Jul.20 @ 12.48pm
Psychadelic Urinal by Jordan Fehr

Many testimonials
Point to increased excretory potentials.
Kaleidescopic shards of mosaiced glass,
Please the eye and the opposite of ass!

Urinary Bliss!
Achieved by optic nerves capturing gliss
As your multicolored piss,
Descends down the Psychadelic Urinal.

posted : 2004.Jul.20 @ 1.29pm
"Pertaining to the Populace of Vancouver" by Poib

Coal Harbour
Defecate on your face!
And smear it from ear to ear
Creating a grin of fecal matter that I hold so

Clowning heads of brown poo paint
Paint made up of consumed food waste
Stenching gooey blobs of rotting cake
Interests me lustfully.

I'm a scatological freak of pain
Hurt my bones with your hammerhead claim
So what if I choose to commit to taste
What you normally flush down your toilet drain.

North Granville Bridge
Stab my anus
And it will gain us
Fun for the night
Fun for the night

Ouch Tractor
Blood and poop
And the daily scoop
Entering my bumhole.

posted : 2004.Dec.29 @ 8.38pm

posted : 2005.Jan.02 @ 1.45am
That reminds me greatly of something you would see in one of those false advertisement skits on the ol' Ren & Stimpy cartoons :thumbs up:

posted : 2005.Jan.02 @ 1.47am
In fact, I like it so much, it's now my Windows wallpaper Razz

posted : 2005.Jan.02 @ 11.18pm
ha ha, i was hoping you would like it.


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