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posted : 2008.Mar.01 @ 3.01pm

posted : 2008.Mar.03 @ 1.10pm
Reminded me of >> Bill and Ted.

posted : 2008.Jul.24 @ 10.39pm

here's some of my recent works--


A quicky project


Not so quicky project


Project slavery - my very first spread catalog & HDR photo on p.2


- still working on this one but I am getting extremely desperate and exhausted. Photos, knock outs, front-end, back-end, everything from nothing...


6months into the project Sad

posted : 2008.Jul.25 @ 2.30am
hey nori, i like the look and feel of the pyrofreeze site and that sushi site. they are very clean, elegant and shiny. nice work.

here is an on going project i am doing for a friend. he makes really beautiful surfboards.

posted : 2008.Jul.25 @ 9.28pm
very nice website Erik! I can't imagine how many action scripts are in there.. I'm still trying to learn flash but my clients keep asking me to do other things with open source stuff.

I'm building a flash product configurator and might take me a few months, but will post it here too for your opinion Erik.

By the way, that surf board looks VERY expensive, not to mention, "lightest + toughest composite board", and earth friendly.

posted : 2008.Jul.30 @ 1.05am
oh yeah what a nice job you've done erik!!!

sooooo customized. excellent work.

posted : 2008.Jul.30 @ 3.47pm

posted : 2008.Jul.30 @ 10.19pm
thank you for the positive feedback : )

nori i would love to see it. i am sure it will come out ace. and yes, randy is doing his best to make low impact environmentally safe boards. he is a cool guy. he is one of the best surgeons on the island by day, and surfs and shapes to keep his center by night.

thanks lunaya, your flash flow has inspired me to try and step up my game a bit. you rock.

thanks agape. (i am liking the word brosef too : )


posted : 2008.Oct.21 @ 6.05pm

one of my first tried. nothing really fancy but after looking some of your stuff guys ( and gals) i am all hyped to push some of my own limit.

And yes its my personnal portfolio... you got to start somewhere.


posted : 2008.Oct.23 @ 5.55am

If you or any women in your life need a cute apron to get messy in, please check out my friends apron designs.

Maybe someone can give her some pointers on her website!

posted : 2008.Oct.23 @ 9.19am

Becky; take a look at your text, there a typo in the scrolling message "Which is you favroite"


posted : 2008.Oct.23 @ 9.29am
thanks ill tell my friend.  this isnt my site Smile


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