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posted : 2006.Dec.30 @ 7.55pm
we're nearing completion of our first, well, complete... personal webpage. we've always come up with designs for ourself, but never "finished" the pages to include anything other than their design and navigation.

So here is our personal page ( 3rd attempt at flash web pages. Almost done, video section is in the works ) :

And here is a page we built earlier this summer ( my 2nd attempt at flash ) :

And our first ever web page in flash, made for a final project junior year in college :

posted : 2006.Dec.30 @ 8.18pm
nice work
great imagination

creative, with a slick style developing.

I like it.

........and anyone who ever learned Flash has a heap of unfinished woks on their hard drive
heh heh

HM Laughing

posted : 2006.Dec.30 @ 8.19pm

The iotus page rocks hard. Really excellent for a 3rd attempt - I still get confused in Flash - I'm all inspired and sheeot.

Way cool.

notes: Video and Bio is broked.


posted : 2006.Dec.30 @ 8.34pm
Hey, thanks! Yeah, I'm working on the resume/bio section as we type. The video section will come tomorrow I hope.

Eventually I am going to add a music applette, as well as some hidden links to "unlock" special features and change the navigation behaviors. So, it will double as a portfolio as well as an exploration game. We'll see how much time I have on my hands this next year!

posted : 2006.Dec.30 @ 8.45pm
I'd like to convert this site to flash soon. Shouldn't be too tough (I think). Can I keep you in mind when I take the plunge?

Obi Wan?


posted : 2006.Dec.30 @ 8.47pm
Duuude.... some very cool stuff could be done with that site in flash! I'd love to toss ideas around if you'd like.

Keep in touch.

posted : 2007.Jan.02 @ 8.25pm
Quite splendid flash : e : ness Iotus! I have been learning flash this fall and am preparing to launch a new personal website by spring. If you ever come by Olympia you have a locus and a computer to crash...

What sort of digital video production have you done?

posted : 2007.Jan.02 @ 9.35pm
Thanks, agape Wink I dig Oly, my mother worked there for 10 months last year. Some really great shops there (I love 5 Corners)

posted : 2007.Jan.07 @ 9.22pm
The videos are up, our bio and resume are up, our site is


posted : 2008.Jan.10 @ 3.30am

dearest friends and colleagues, we have completed another project, and thought we'd share.

this project has gone through many phases and transitions, beginning as a css/xhtml endeavor, ending up through to a fully indexed flash-based CMS.

thanks to the help of silverbirch,, and, we present to the world:

|| solspiré.org ||

posted : 2008.Jan.13 @ 2.57pm
iotus ~ nice!
I like the feeling of your latest site, it really feels like a nice place to be in... very clear, easy to navigate and precise. it would be sweet if the background image slowly changed every minute or so, to a similar photo of the same landscape.
that would mix it up, feels good!

posted : 2008.Jan.13 @ 7.52pm
Tree Drop Ceramics

Here is a website that I am working on for a friend.
I don't have a ton of time to put into it and I haven't kept up on learning flash,
but ideally I would like to create a circular rotating gallery,
with images that become progressively smaller toward the bottom of the page.
That way I could have floating pots spiraling around!

What do you think of the colors?
Suggestions appreciated!


posted : 2008.Feb.29 @ 3.02pm
A student group at the university where I work. I am an adviser (and active participant) in the group and their activities, most recently doing the logo, aesthetics, and tweaking of their drupal-based web:ness

Electronic Music Association


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