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posted : 2005.Apr.18 @ 10.34am
Lindsay Couture is finally done.

Buy a tee support the cause! ...or something

posted : 2005.Apr.27 @ 9.17pm
Hey everyone, your pumping out some great sites! I'm wondering if any of you are paticipating in the
may 1st reboot.http://]

Also, this is my first attempt at publishing my own webpage, check it out:

Tell me what you think, my flash and html programing skills are still rusty and and some expert advice would be much valued!


posted : 2005.May.02 @ 11.07am
Yo Mike,
Your site rocks my socks. It's great to see you learn the ways of the flash recursion so swiftly
Keep rocking to manifest your ideal vision of how the web should work.

You, or anybody else, let me know if you dig prowse (
for your photo gallery, it's easy to hook up.

Speaking of reboot, scope this:
» phong v.16 // reboot

posted : 2005.May.18 @ 1.28am
Three more little webProjects got bust out in the free time
dripping from the energy manifesting
phong and podular affairs.

(r)evolution theory
This is a portfolio site for some friends
Stephen Marshall and Lisa Hsu
who manifest a variety of content
designed to create a radical impact
on it's viewer's paradigm.

Flesh Photography
An ongoing collaboration to bring
Fleshkandie into the Dan's wonderful world of Chunky.

Gross Effect
The central viewing chakra for my motiongraphics work.

posted : 2005.May.18 @ 6.19pm
I find it really cool that youre close to Stephen, I've been an avid GNN follower for years, and believe firmly in their sincerity and integrity as a media outlet.

posted : 2005.Nov.08 @ 10.37am
I redesigned my personal website. Check it out:

(now not just for graphics anymore!)

And yes, GNN rocks, I check it almost everyday.

posted : 2006.Apr.26 @ 8.23pm
Excellent re-build Sandbag (I know I'm late)

I've been building and building and building...

Here's a few I just completed:

Deb's new site
An idea that's brewing
Alarming news

one I'm in the middle of:
The new site

Also, I found this amazing little flash app for slide shows. $40.00 if you want the link-free version. Most minty fresh:

Cara Bizarra

posted : 2006.Sep.09 @ 11.18pm
I've redesigned, my website design firm.
I've made it very white, clean, and corporate (but still a bit of fun thrown in, after all the name is Binary Jungle)
It's XHTML/CSS standards compliant (well, almost), and I paid a lot of attention to search engine optimization.
It uses some AJAX scripting for the portfolio.
It took me forever to write the content for the Services section, but I think it is much more useful than my old site.
I installed Google Analytics for web statistics. This will help me see if all of my search engine optmization techniques worked!

The old site is here:

posted : 2006.Oct.05 @ 12.31pm
My recent project for my gf's company..

posted : 2006.Oct.13 @ 5.45pm
Here's a site that I am working on for my mom's business, Aman and Associates. I am one of 3 associates! Lol!

Aman & Associates 3.0

posted : 2006.Oct.28 @ 3.55am

Webadmin, °üt°!¡°Träckbäll°¡!°

posted : 2006.Nov.08 @ 11.03pm
tiny little thing that most web designers consider no big deal, and which i am rediculously excited about learning

have fun with this... learn the 10 directional medicine wheel with the incredible joy of rolling your cursor effortlessly over each direction, only to watch it light up with a celestial glow and speak to you in my favourite font of all time : ARIAL Smile

oh and this i just whipped together to teach myself the tech. sooooon oh yes VERY soon you will see such magic as this on such a website as mine, and faaar beyond, my loves. OH YES.

i clipped this code, and of course made it completely unique to this image, from a wonderful little website made by onbeyond, phong:asis, and eve the lady apples : ...

there's another wonderful example of how the internet, and this wonderful thing called javascript, can communicate deeEEEeepONious levels of meaning quickly and gracefully through metaphor, sacred geometry, and our own unique styles of seeing and being light.

visual communication
inter:activated meta interfacing
source scriptures

linguistic maps
landscaping the light
and singing celestial visions

Bouncer Pulsing Love Bouncer Pulsing Love Bouncer Pulsing Love Bouncer Pulsing Love Bouncer Pulsing Love Bouncer Pulsing Love Bouncer

posted : 2006.Dec.04 @ 10.17pm
Cool medicine wheel!

I made one up for my brother recently: Medicine Wheel

And another.. started this morning with the "horrible blank page of dread" in Photoshop,... spent some time making it really complex and un-readable, then threw myself on the floor in a tantrum,... got up, drank some water, and made a simple little site (sans actual bios, currently): [indented.sphere]


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