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posted : 2005.Jan.31 @ 9.10am
"tikigeo" is the "handle"...and you meant Geo.... Not Goe, right?

Yes, it was Mr. Fog that was kind enough to construct my site.

posted : 2005.Jan.31 @ 9.55am
I can't believe you guys are talking about Geo's handle. Rolling Eyes
Sandbag was the originator of the music page template and the borders
and corners. I liked them so much on his site we used them for the og pod,
with minor modifications. The podcorners concept was revised by Phong
when he built the new pod and fora. They are are more subtle now.

posted : 2005.Jan.31 @ 10.53am
Hey Jam, I like where you're going with the indie dates site man.
I'm wondering how it would look if the angled part of the my dates and search buttons were slanted at the same angle as the rest of the buttons...

posted : 2005.Jan.31 @ 12.26pm
I've always been a bit of a customization junkie, especially when it comes to color schemes and such. In fact, several incarnations of my website have never gotten past the inital colorization phase. (accursed perfectionism! I shall be free of you one day!) Two versions of stolenskin exist today, though neither have much to offer in the way of content.

Here's the current skeleton of my site:

Play around with the color options on the left side of the page. You can fiddle around and choose the hue that suits your taste. (it'll be more interesting once there's real live content, I swear)

And here's the former version:

posted : 2005.Jan.31 @ 8.42pm
I finished another draft, put together some photos from band sites, figured it'd be more suiting than an indestinguishable 3d mesh. Also fixed what you were talking about yelo.. take a gander

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 9.13am
Way cool color thing,..
What's "./images/imager.php"?

I'm digging the concert photo at the top.

Take a look at the contrast between the "m" of .".com" and the guitarist. Maybe darken one or lighten the other?

Can't wait to see it movin'.

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 10.53am
The imager is a script that takes an input image and colorizes it based an input Hue value. It allows me to have a very large number of color schemes while maintaining a very small file size footprint. The hue values range from 0 to 255, giving me a variety of 256 currently available schemes, but I only use a single set of images (all done in greyscale) to create each combination.

I used a similar technique to create my avatar picture for the fora. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but it changes colors each time it is loaded. I Pulsing Love dynamics. Very Happy

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 12.12pm

I hadn't noticed that! Very cool. I just found (and modified) a cool dynamic SWF/XML slideshow thingy that uses an XML file to specify default values for the slideshow and the image and caption for each "slide".

Check it out:

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 2.42pm
The flash/xml gallery is cool. Do you have a link from where you got it?

I've used this a few times:
like this:

And also this:
which ended up being:

posted : 2005.Feb.02 @ 6.29am
There's some great stuff in here. Most of my webwork is very dull corporate work, not for the likes of here.

I'll link to my site once I have revised it, it'll be super minimal and more content.

A website I designed for a friend and artist:

oh and here is the Christmas e-mailer we sent out from work. All the good illustration was done by someone else, I just animated and lip-synched.. though the tracks were re-edited after I lip synched so I had to re work it and didn't do as good a job.

lots of bad sound be warned ( better than last year when we all had to sing). Crying or Very sad

sorry, there's no skip.

posted : 2005.Feb.12 @ 9.00am
Jeskar, have you seen this site? >> space4future
Everytime you refresh your browser it will change colors.

posted : 2005.Mar.10 @ 10.34am
an update on lindsay couture

edit- theres a 1 pixel table problem that i didnt notice at first because it doesn't appear in firefox, but was pointed out to exist in Internet Explorer. I still have no idea where it comes from...

posted : 2005.Mar.12 @ 2.17pm
had to completely reconstruct the html/tables/images to fix the assload of problems I was making,
I think this will pretty much be the final version....


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