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posted : 2004.Jul.19 @ 5.39pm
Found the stairway to heaven

It's called mount cheam, and it's a lovely chunk that resides in our beautiful british columbia.

Towering over the fraser valley, laughing it's socks off!

So i climbed it and gave god a high five!


























Cheers Cheers Cheers

posted : 2004.Jul.19 @ 6.00pm

How does this holy patch of lichen horn, arising out of minerality, propogate asexually?

From itself is born.

posted : 2004.Jul.19 @ 8.20pm
Subtle angles dappled
In emerald luminescence

Steadily ascending perfection
Past fragile microcosms of saturated color,
Infinitely varied texture, golden light and
Universal intricacy inspires mastery of the rectangular form

Mist laden valleys cradling
The juicy fractals of plant consciousness,
Patiently waiting for the master's click.

posted : 2004.Jul.21 @ 11.34pm
All natural:

Taken when mountain biking on the Santa Ana River Trail near Big Bear.

posted : 2004.Jul.29 @ 11.50pm
Poxin --- (7) (14) (19) - brilliant and beautiful colours and the quality is excellent! LIKE!

posted : 2004.Aug.05 @ 4.43am
Great scenery and great shots Poxin. I need to get back into the hills (or what passes for mountains over here).


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