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posted : 2005.Jan.13 @ 10.31am
These images are from an ambient dream movie that doesn't exist.

I listen to a lot of Brian Eno.

"Ambient 4 On Land" is a really good one.

Aphex Twin "Selected Ambient Works Volume II" has some good stuff on it too.

If you would like to see more of my work check out

The idea of this dream movie, combined with the music, gives me such a good feeling. I hope it inspires you too.

posted : 2005.Jan.13 @ 11.14am
Yay! Rodney made it!
It's nice to see your visions in here.
I miss the olden times when we would art jam day after day.
After browsing your site and seeing so much of your world at once
it was like watching a movie. Church tanks crushing everything in their path
and high society floating by in their uberdirigibles. I dig the style, like postcards from another world.

posted : 2005.Jan.13 @ 2.16pm
Those are 2 of my most favorite albums of all time.
Listening and looking right now.
What have I done to deserve witness to such splendor?

the first image is so dope, what I would do for a desktop!

posted : 2005.Jan.23 @ 12.29am
Here's an old timey film shot from the previous decade of the man in action. Olympus OM-1

posted : 2005.Jan.23 @ 1.20am
wow man. That's a whole different aspect, in all directions.
awesome. Can we see more film?

posted : 2005.Feb.04 @ 12.15am
I wish I could figure out what it is I'm working on in the photo above, but i can't quite make it out. I'd like to find it and post it here. Until then, here's another one from the land of relics.

posted : 2005.Feb.04 @ 9.27am
bravisimo! How are you doing these, are they collages?

posted : 2005.Feb.04 @ 12.15pm
Rodney, your work has a fantastic otherness to it. It all seems quite natural, yet at another level entirely novel. Great vision- you really churn out the guerrilla funk to get the job done, blending the various forms of media.

This piece is definately a fav:

posted : 2005.Feb.04 @ 7.02pm
That first picture is stunning. It's reminiscent of Klimt, which is amazingly cool.
The rest of your stuff looks a lot like rotoscoping from the 70's, you know, like the Lord of The Rings Animated movie except much, much, much better than that.

posted : 2005.Feb.06 @ 9.56am
I'm glad you all feel the way I do about Rodney's work.
The first image is definately Mucha and well used too.

posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 1.01am
Wow! Thanks for all the compliments.

I'v got music on the way. with the same vibe as the art.

I do all my stuff by hand, so sometimes it comes out a little rough. I'm glad you guys like the style.

Most of this stuff is on my web site, but these are bigger and better versions.

The soldier's armor in this one is made out of little pieces of The Houses of Parliament.

posted : 2005.Feb.22 @ 8.10pm
very awesome stuff - some retro/psy " parallel reality" ... good collages of the mind of braniac/maniac man with the vision of genius or fallen angel. hands down, podbrother!

posted : 2005.Apr.01 @ 7.45pm
Hey, Sorry I haven't posted in a while.
I've been getting totally sucked into Photoshop
I'm sure you guys know all about it. but for me
it's a totally new thing.
I've by no means mastered it but I've learned enough
to keep me occupied for hours and hours.
It's pretty intense with me being primarily a collage artist.
It's amazing I've been doing all stuff with scissors and spray adhesive for years.
and now I can zoom in and cut down to the pixel.
With glue, once something's stuck it stays.
now everything's relative and changeable.
and I have a felling I've just scratched the surface.
These works aren't perfect so feel free to critique.
or let me in on better ways to do stuff.


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